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Purchasing Adjustments

From time to time, you might make errors when inputting costs during receiving. Counterpoint’s Purchase Adjustments functionality can help you correct those costs.

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Tips and Tricks for Physical Count

The New Year has begun, and for a lot of businesses, that means it’s time for a Physical Count. Every year, we help a lot of our clients with issues that arise during the Physical Count process.

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Counterpoint and Windows 11 – DO NOT UPGRADE

Microsoft has recently released Windows 11, their newest offering for PC Operating Systems. Often, people think that it is a good idea to upgrade to the latest and greatest software, but that is not recommended for stations running Counterpoint.

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Printing Customer Labels

In addition to items, Counterpoint offers other label jobs that you can print, including Customer Labels. You can use customer labels to do things like print labels for mailings using common label formats from Avery.

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Reapply A/R Documents

Occasionally, you might need to change how a credit was applied to a customer’s account. It might have been applied to Open and left as an open credit on the customer’s account. Or the credit might have been applied to the wrong document. The Reapply A/R Documents Utility allows you to choose how a credit is applied.

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Emergency After Hours Support

i3 Point of Sale values your business. We are your partner in business and have the desire to provide personal and exceptional customer service. Therefore, we are proud to offer our clients Emergency After Hours Support.

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