“I want to manage the restaurant on my terms and serve my guests faster and easier.”

Today’s restaurant technology must be versatile enough to address a variety of needs from a number of sources. Your customers are looking to make reservations and place orders while on-the-go, participate in loyalty programs and pay at the counter or table using their phone.

Your staff wants to take orders more quickly and accurately, as well as provide faster service from the table to the kitchen. And you? You’re looking for better ways to stay on top of your operations while not always having to physically be in your restaurant. That’s why you need a complete end-to-end solution from a trusted source that will help you address all of your operational needs. From configuring and supporting your systems to engaging and connecting with your customers, NCR Aloha offers such a solution.


  • Trust in the industry’s leading restaurant technology provider
  • Increase your staff’s production and satisfaction
  • Sustain your profitability and manage more effectively
  • Improve your guests’ experience
  • Serve and manage with no boundaries
  • Enhance with mobility
  • Connect with customers

An all-in-one point of sale and payments system.

Quickly Turn Tables

Don’t be limited by the constraints of conventional service. NCR’s innovative technology will enable your staff’s productivity – and your profits – to move upward.

Whether your staff is serving customers with innovative handheld devices or easily managing takeout orders, NCR Aloha expands their capabilities and efficiencies. Our integrated POS and kitchen production systems offer complete order accuracy and ensure food is queued, prepared and delivered to your customers fresh and fast, just as they like it. Your cashiers will love how easily and quickly they can take your customers’ orders, and you will benefit from the quicker wait times and loyal customers that will result.

Don’t just take our word for it – see for yourself the streamlined operations and increased productivity that NCR Aloha enables.

Personal Service

NCR Aloha can help you make your customers’ experiences even more pleasurable and memorable.

The interaction, ease-of-use and speed of service capabilities NCR Aloha provides will make your guests love your restaurant more and more each time they visit.

Your customers will feel welcome, well-served and extremely satisfied. They’ll stay engaged with your restaurant even when they’re not physically in your establishment. How? With robust loyalty and reward programs. Mobile ordering capabilities. Real-time feedback. Integrated digital menu boards. Leverage the NCR Aloha solution to build your restaurant’s brand and reputation while ensuring continued customer engagement and satisfaction.

The best part? Everything is integrated, creating an unsurpassed experience for the people that matter most – your guests.

Reduce Training Time

Looking to expand your operations? Or are you having trouble keeping up with just your one restaurant?

No worries. NCR Aloha works great for managing both large and small restaurant operations. Whether changing menu items, running reports, or supporting multiple locations – it can all be done efficiently and on your terms.

You’ll be amazed at how NCR’s cloud-enabled technology will benefit you. No matter where you are, you’ll be able to securely manage, upgrade and support your restaurant and its systems more easily than what any other technology available allows.

You’ll have unmatched insight and control over the two most critical components of your business – labor and inventory management. And don’t let employee theft eat away at your profits; implement the industry’s leading loss prevention tool within your operations and get the necessary data to end any stealing.

So stop sweating the details. Live freely. Manage effectively. Increase your profits and reduce your stress.


  • Kitchen Display & Production
  • Take Out & Delivery
  • POS Hardware & Software
  • Guest & Table Management
  • Theft Detection
  • The Cloud
  • Labor & Inventory Managment
  • Data Reporting
  • Support System
  • Site Configuration
  • Security Services
  • Digital Signage
  • Loyalty & Stored Value
  • Immediate Feedback
  • Mobile POS
  • Online Ordering & Reservations
  • Mobile Analytics