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Security Codes

Security codes are the basis for what a user can or cannot do within Counterpoint. They define which menu code is assigned to users and whether they can perform point of sale functions like processing returns.

By default, we program three security code levels for you: Administrator, Manager, and Point of Sale. The administrator level allows the most access to the application, and the point of sale level allows a user the least access to the application.

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Menu Codes

Menu codes define the functions available in the Counterpoint menu. For example, if a user does not have the Items function on their menu, they cannot add an item to the database.

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Touchscreen Code Basics

Touchscreen codes are the basis of the buttons used in Touchscreen Ticket Entry. Each Point of Sale station can have a unique Touchscreen code, if necessary, but one Touchscreen Code is often used for multiple stations so that a user has the same buttons available even if they work at multiple stations.

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