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Debit PIN Bypass

If you are processing debit cards with PIN entry, you might occasionally be asked if the user can skip the PIN entry and process the card as credit. Counterpoint and higher supports this action if your Secure Pay account is configured to allow Debit PIN bypass.

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Renumbering Vendors

Vendor Numbers are a great way to be able to quickly locate a vendor record. Some business choose to use an actual number for their vendor number while others use a shorthand or abbreviation of the vendor name for the vendor number. If you mistype or simply want to change the vendor number, you can do so using the Renumber Vendors Utility.

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Renumbering Items

The Renumber Items utility allows you to renumber individual or multiple item records and update all associated documents and history.

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Closing Gift Cards and Store Credits

Gift Cards and Store Credits represent a liability to your business. Depending on the laws that govern your state, you may be able to close these Gift Cards and Store Credits at some point, which limits the liability.

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Assigning Mix-and-Match Codes

Mix-and-Match Codes are a way to allow contract, special, or promotional pricing to calculate the discount across multiple line items when completing a ticket. Mix-and-Match Codes are easy to assign in the price rules, but they also need to be assigned to all items that fall into those rules.

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Year End Procedure

There are specific tasks that need to be completed at the end of the fiscal year. Your fiscal year may or may not match your calendar year. Only complete these tasks at the end of your fiscal year.

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