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Closing Gift Cards and Store Credits

Gift Cards and Store Credits represent a liability to your business. Depending on the laws that govern your state, you may be able to close these Gift Cards and Store Credits at some point, which limits the liability.

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Custom Load Lookup

The load lookup process used with the Cipher handheld data collectors allows you to load a list of items and barcodes from Counterpoint to validate barcode scans against. If the item number or barcode is not in the lookup file, the cipher will beep alerting the user that it does not recognize the barcode as being on file. Those items that are not on file can either be put aside to deal with later or taken to the count manager for remediation.

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How to Use Advanced Filtering Techniques

The ability to filter data is an important part of Counterpoint’s functionality. Filtering data allows you target or limit what information you see. You can filter when running reports, using lookups, or using table view to make edits to multiple records.

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