Quick Transfers

A Quick Transfer is a one step process to move inventory from one inventory location to another. Use cases for Quick Transfers:

  • Moving inventory to Sales Floor from Storage location
  • Moving inventory from one store to another without shipping items through a third party shipping company
  • Sharing received goods between multiple locations if not using the Allocated PO process

If you need to validate that all items and quantities arrive at the second location, it is better to use the Full Transfer Out and Transfer In Process.

Entering Quick Transfers

  1. Select Inventory → Quick Transfers → Quick Transfers Enter

  1. Enter, scan, or look up the Item number
  2. Enter or look up the From location
  3. Enter or look up the To location
  4. Enter the Transaction date, press Enter or Tab
  5. Enter the Quantity to be transferred

  1. (Optional) Enter a Reference

Posting Quick Transfers

Quick Transfers can either be posted individually or as a multi-item batch.

Posting Single Quick Transfer

  1. Click Post

  1. Click Yes

Posting Multiple Quick Transfers as a Batch

  1. Click Save
  2. Create and save other Quick Transfers
  3. Close the Quick Transfers window
  4. Select Quick Transfer Edit List (Inventory → Quick Transfers → Quick Transfers Edit List)

  1. Click Preview
  2. Review the Quick Transfers that would be posted

  1. (Optional) Edit or delete Quick Transfers
  2. Select Inventory → Quick Transfers → Quick Transfers Post
  3. Click Yes

  1. The Transfers are processed. Click OK


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