Exporting Customer Emails from Counterpoint

You may want to send an email out to your customers and want to get a list of the emails that you have in Counterpoint.Follow these steps to export customer information from Counterpoint:

  1. Select Data Interchange → Data Interchange Export
  2. Click the … icon under Source Table

  1. Select AR_CUST from the Choose table list

  1. Click OK
  2. Select a field from the Available source fields list and click the > button to add it to the export

    1. Repeat for all fields you want to export

NOTE: If you are exporting to put into an email marketing platform, you might also want to export name fields or other contact information

  1. Click the Filter icon

  1. Click the Options button

  1. Select Customize from the drop down menu
  2. Add a row to the filter and edit it to read: Email 1 contains

  1. (Optional) Adjust any other filters you need
  2. Click Options
  3. Select Simplify from the drop down menu
  4. Enter an @ symbol in the Email 1 contains line

  1. (Optional) Fill in any other filters
  2. Click OK
  3. Click the … icon under Output file

  1. Choose a file location to save to
  2. Enter a File name with a .csv extension (e.g. Customer Emails.csv)

  1. Click Open
  2. (Optional) Click Save parameters to save this export format for later
    • Enter a name for the export type
    • Click Save

  1. Click Export

  1. A file has been exported and saved to the location you defined

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