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Touchscreen Code Basics

Touchscreen codes are the basis of the buttons used in Touchscreen Ticket Entry. Each Point of Sale station can have a unique Touchscreen code, if necessary, but one Touchscreen Code is often used for multiple stations so that a user has the same buttons available even if they work at multiple stations.

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Using Margin Driven Pricing

A margin is the percentage of a selling price that is profit for the business or organization. Most businesses have commonly used margins for some or all their items. Margins can help you define pricing for your items, but did you know that Counterpoint can make suggestions using margins?

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Are Signatures Required When Using EMV?

By now, most retailers have shifted to using EMV, or chip-based credit card processing. The main reason for implementing the change was to limit fraudulent charges. The information stored on the chip is harder to duplicate than the magnetic stripe on the back of a credit card.

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Merge Items Utility

The Merge Items utility allows you to consolidate multiple item records that may have been inadvertently created for an item into a single record.

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