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Using the Merchandise Analysis Report

There are a lot of Inventory Reports and Sales Reports in Counterpoint, but only a few combine sales and inventory data into one report, and only the Merchandise Analysis report allows you to pick and choose which data you want to see on the report.

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Planned Promotions

Promotional prices window allows you to easily set up structured promotions to accommodate scenarios such as “discounting all Plush items by 10% off Price-1.”

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Store and Forward

Store and Forward is a new feature of Counterpoint used to allow merchants to continue to accept credit cards even when there is a connectivity issue to NCR Secure Pay or the Credit Card Processor.

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Debit PIN Bypass

If you are processing debit cards with PIN entry, you might occasionally be asked if the user can skip the PIN entry and process the card as credit. Counterpoint and higher supports this action if your Secure Pay account is configured to allow Debit PIN bypass.

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