Setting Up Item Attributes

Item Attributes are 6 additional fields that you can use to define information about the item that might not have another field in Counterpoint. You can even define the label of the field and what information can be used in that field. Item Attributes can also be used when filtering items or running reports.

Enabling Item Attribute Fields

  1. Select Setup → System → Quick Setup
  2. Click the Items tab

  1. Check the Use checkbox for all attribute fields you plan to use
  2. Enter a Display label for all attribute fields you plan to use

  1. Click Codes next to an Attribute field
  2. Click Add to add a new code for that Attribute field

  1. Enter an Attribute code and click tab
  2. Enter a Description
  3. Check the box for any Item attribute that this can be used for
  4. Click Save
  5. Repeat steps 5-10 for any options that can be used for that Item Attribute
  6. Click OK

Setting Item Attributes on the Item Record

  1. Select Inventory → Items
  2. Enter, scan, or look up an Item

  1. Click the Description tab
  2. Use the Attribute fields below the Description fields to define other information about the item

  1. Click Save


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