Why You Should Upgrade Counterpoint

Prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic, NCR had announced that In June 2020 they were ending support for older versions of NCR Counterpoint (version 8.5.2 and below). Due to the challenges caused by COVID-19, this has been halted for now, but i3 Verticals Point of Sale anticipates that as businesses open and return to normal operations, NCR will soon end support for legacy versions of NCR Counterpoint.

What does that mean for your business?

If NCR does not support your version of the Counterpoint software, if you run into a problem, chances are the only solution that will be provided is to upgrade the software to a supported version.

Counterpoint Features

Below are some Counterpoint Features that are also a great reason to consider upgrading Counterpoint before you are required.

Credit Card Processing Options

Counterpoint’s latest version includes a couple features that make credit card processing easier and safer:

  • Quick Chip – the ability to insert a credit card at any point during the transaction, eliminating the dreaded “Green Light”.
  • Disable Amount Confirmation Prompt – choose whether a customer needs to press a yes button to confirm the amount of the transaction. Turning off the amount confirmation can provide a truly contactless experience for your customers.
  • Disable Signature – choose if customers needs to sign for credit card transactions.
  • PCI validated Point-to-Point Encrypted Solution – Payment terminals can be injected with a Bluefin Point-to-Point Encryption key to further protect cardholder data and limit the scope of PCI compliance assessments.

User Interface Optimization

Key features in the User Interface Upgrade include:

  • A bar of Recently Used functions to show what a user has recently done within Counterpoint.
  • A bar of Favorite functions which users can define for themselves to easily access up to 15 commonly used functions.
  • The Menu Search function where users can search the application for functions and reports using a keyword.

Security Updates

In addition to the end user features in the application, Counterpoint 8.5.6 has several security features that make it a smart business decision:

  • Certified to work with Windows 10
  • Certified to work with Windows Sever 2016
  • Certified to work with SQL Server 2016
  • Supports full TLS 1.2 (older TLS features can be disabled)

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