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Debit PIN Bypass

If you are processing debit cards with PIN entry, you might occasionally be asked if the user can skip the PIN entry and process the card as credit. Counterpoint and higher supports this action if your Secure Pay account is configured to allow Debit PIN bypass.


To set up Debit PIN Bypass, your system must:
  • Be on Counterpoint version
  • Be processing debit cards through NCR Secure Pay
  • Be prompting for PIN when processing a debit card

Implementing Debit PIN Bypass

Reach out to Counterpoint Support by emailing [email protected] or calling 877-809-9980 for assistance setting up Debit PIN bypass.

Process for Bypassing PIN Entry

  1. Ring up items as usual
  2. Choose Credit Card button
  3. Have customer insert their card
  4. When prompted for PIN, have customer touch Cancel button
  5. Have customer complete and prompts or signature after bypass the PIN entry

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