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Renumbering Vendors

Vendor Numbers are a great way to be able to quickly locate a vendor record. Some business choose to use an actual number for their vendor number while others use a shorthand or abbreviation of the vendor name for the vendor number. If you mistype or simply want to change the vendor number, you can do so using the Renumber Vendors Utility.
  1. Go to Purchasing → Utilities → Renumber Vendors
  1. Enter a name for the group to be renumbered
  2. Click Tab
  3. Enter a Description
  1. Enter or lookup the Old vendor #
  1. Enter the New vendor #
  1. Click Tab or Enter to add the vendor line
  1. Repeat Steps 5-7 for each vendor you want to renumber
  2. Click Renumber
  3. Click Yes
  1. A report displays showing the proposed change(s)
Note: You will not be able to view a report of this after you confirm the changes.
  1. A window opens asking if you are sure that you want to renumber
  1. Click YES
  2. A message displays telling you if the operation was successful

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