Renumbering Items

The Renumber Items utility allows you to renumber individual or multiple item records and update all associated documents and history.The Renumber Items utility updates the item number in:

  • The Item Record
  • Sales History for the Item
  • Purchasing and Receiving History
  • Price Rules

There are a few places where the utility DOES NOT update the item number:

  • Touchscreen Codes
  • Existing printed item labels

Renumber Items Process

  1. Select Inventory → Utilities → Renumber
  2. Enter a title in Group, and then press Tab
  3. Enter a Description, and then press Tab

  1. Enter the Old item number or Lookup, and then press Tab
  2. Enter the New item number, and then press Enter

  1. Repeat 4-5 for all items you want to renumber
  2. Select Renumber
  3. Click Yes to confirm that you want to save the change

  1. After reviewing the report, close it
  2. Select Yes to confirm you want to renumber

  1. Click ok when the Information window opens to display the event # and number of errors or successes

Note: The Renumber items utility replaces the item’s number with a new number. As a result, the old item number is no longer associated with the item. If you have item labels with the item’s old number printed, you will not be able to use that label to scan. You may consider printing new labels for each item you renumber.Also, the Renumber items utility DOES NOT renumber items in Touchscreen codes. If you have created Touchscreen codes (e.g., buttons with Item actions) that reference specific item numbers, you must manually update them to reference the new item numbers after the renumbering process is complete.

Renumbering items in a Multi-Site environment

In Multi-Site environments, renumbering items is allowed only at the Hub site. You cannot renumber items at Remote sites.Renumbering items at the Hub site does not update records at Remote sites that include old item numbers. To avoid replication errors and database conflicts, you MUST replicate your data immediately before renumbering, renumber items at the Hub site, and then replicate again immediately after the renumbering process is complete. If you do not follow this procedure and a user at a Remote site updates a record that references an old item number while the Hub site is renumbering, you WILL encounter replication errors and other problems.

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