Reach Your Users Via the Message Center

The Message Center is used to send messages to a specific user, group of users, or all users within Counterpoint.

You can send messages about:

  • Current promotions
  • Company happenings
  • Suspected shoplifters

Keep in mind:

  • When a user is deleted from the system, all their messages, sent and received, are also deleted.
  • Messages display in the Inbox of the Message Center.
  • Messages are not emails, and cannot be sent to outside email addresses.
  • A user can read, reply, delete, or forward the message to other Counterpoint users.
  • Messages cannot have attachments.
  • You can also Purge messages to permanently remove messages that have been deleted by individual recipients and senders.

To Send a Message

  1. Select System → Message Center or click the from the toolbar of the Counterpoint launchpad

2. Click to create a new message →

  1. Click the TO button to select the user/users to receive the message

4. Add a Subject

5. (Optional) Check the Is Popup checkbox if you want the message to be sent as an instant message

NOTE: Instant messages will pop up for the user IF they are currently logged in to Counterpoint. If the user is not logged in, it will pop up the next time they log in.

6. Enter the text for the message in the body

7. Click Send

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