How to Remove Inactive Items from Your Database

The Purge Inactive Items utility allows you to remove inactive items from your database. Inactive items are items that have no quantity on-hand, no quantity committed, and no sales activity after the Last sale cutoff date you specify in the parameters.
NOTE: Purging inactive items does not remove historical detail for Sales, Receivings, or other item-related activity. However, you will not be able to use lookups as effectively for items that have been purged.

Benefits of Purging Items

Purging inactive items allows you to
  • Simplify your item records
  • Improve system performance
  • Reduce the size of your database


We highly recommend that you take a fresh back-up of your database before performing this process. If you do not know how to back-up your database, or do not have an IT person to do it, please inform i3Verticals Support and we will back up your database or we will contact your IT Helpdesk Department and confirm or instruct them. If you do not have a current backup of your data and purge too many items, there will not be a way to recover those item records.

Purging Items

  1. Select Inventory → Utilities → Purge Inactive Items
  2. Enter a Last Sale Cutoff Date
  3. NOTE: It is not advisable to check the Purge items never sold checkbox as this would delete new items that you have not sold yet but may have recently entered or created. If you want to purge items that have never sold, it is highly recommended to also use a filter on the Item tab for Last Maintenance Date on or before a date significantly in the past.
  1. (Optional) Use the Item tab to filter for certain items or groups of items. Recommended filters include:
    • Item Category is in X, Y, or Z
    • Primary Vendor is exactly XXX
  2. Select Preview
  3. A preview report will appear of what will be purged. Carefully review the report before purging. If the report includes items that you do not want to purge, revise your filtering criteria, and preview the report again.
  1. (Optional) Print report, otherwise close the report preview
  2. Click Purge
  3. The report will preview again for a final review
  4. A message will appear confirming your deletion of the items
  1. Select YES to complete the Item Purge
    NOTE: If you have chosen to purge a lot of items, you will see a progress bar and it may take a while for the purge to complete.
  2. A confirmation message displays reporting the number of items that have been purged

Authorized Users for Purging

To prevent unauthorized users from purging inactive items, you should exclude the Inventory → Utilities → Purge Inactive Items function from the menu code of all users who should not be able to access this utility.

Multi-Site/Offline Ticket Environment Considerations

In Multi-Site and Offline Ticket Entry environments, the Purge Inactive Items utility can only be used at the Hub (i.e., the First Site). Items that are purged from the Hub database will be removed from each Remote server and offline workstation during their next database replication sessions.

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