Using Table View to Change Multiple Records

Occasionally, you may need to make the same change to multiple items. You can use Table View to make changes to multiple records quickly.

  1. Select Inventory → Items
  2. Click the in the toolbar
  3. (Optional) Filter the records shown in the table by clicking FILTER
  1. There are two ways that you can select lines to copy information to:
  • To select a block of items, hold down Shift and use the up or down arrow to highlight the line(s) you want to change

  • To select random items from the list, hold down Control and click each line to highlight the line(s) you want to change

  1. Hold down Shift or Control and right click in the field you want to copy to the selected items records
  2. Select COPY VALUES from the drop-down menu

  1. Click YES to confirm that you want to copy that field to the records that were selected

  1. The items now reflect change

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