Use Planned Promotions to Define Holiday Prices

The Promotional prices window allows you to easily set up structured promotions to accommodate scenarios such as “discounting all Plush items by 10% off Price-1.” However, there was no easy way to set up unstructured promotions to accommodate scenarios such as, “item A is $1.29, item B is $4.00, item C is 10% off Price-1, and item D is 15% off Regular price.”
You can use Planned Promotions to quickly define prices that will be in effect for a specific period of time for any combination of unrelated items. When you are satisfied with the prices you have defined, you can convert the Planned Promotion to a standard Promotional Price Rule Group and put those prices into effect by clicking the Create promo button. This is a great tool for when you need to set up your price rules for the holiday season.

Defining a Planned Promotion

  1. Select Inventory → Prices → Planned Promotions
  1. Enter a Group code (e.g., “HOLIDAY” or “CLEARANCE”) and press tab or enter
  2. Enter a Description (e.g., “Holiday sale” or “January Clearance”) for the promotion
  1. Enter or look up the Store or click All Stores
  2. Specify the Begin date and the End date for the promotion
    NOTE: this can be changed after creating a Promo
  1. Enter, scan, or look up the Item number for an item you want to include in the promotion
  2. To define the sale price for the item, you can:
    • a. Enter a flat dollar amount in the Promo price field
    • b. Enter a percentage in the appropriate Disc % fields to calculate the sale price from the item’s Price-1
  1. Click the Save line button to add the item to the promotion.
  2. Repeat steps 6 through 8 for each item you want to add to the Planned Promotion
  3. When you have added all the items you want to put on sale to the promotion, save the price group, and then click the Create promo button to generate the promotion
  4. The promotion can be edited later in Inventory → Prices → Promotional Prices by looking up the Promotional Price Code

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