Updating Size of Lane/5000 Insert, Swipe, or Tap Card Message

i3 Point of Sale Support has had requests from multiple clients about changing the size of the “Insert, Swipe, or Tap” message on the new Lane/5000 credit card terminals, because the text is smaller than it was on the iSC250s. There is now a way to update the size of the message.

The process to update the messaging is done on a single device basis. For every Lane/5000 in your environment, i3 POS support will need to connect to the workstation and update a configuration.

Before the update, your message looks like:

a blue and red screen

Following the update, the prompt would look like:

packaged goods

If you are interested in updating the messaging on your Lane/5000 payment terminals, please email [email protected]. A support person will then reach out to schedule a time to update your stations.

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