Turning Off Amount Confirmation on the Ingenico Payment Terminal

With the arrival of COVID-19, merchants everywhere are trying to come up with ways to require less user interaction when processing payments. As a result, NCR has released a patch for NCR Counterpoint version that suppresses the Amount OK? Confirmation message when processing EMV credit cards. To take another step away from customers using credit cards, if you are using Counterpoint or above, you can also disable signature capture on the Ingenico

What do you need to implement this patch?

  • NCR Counterpoint
  • Process credit cards through NCR Secure Pay
  • Ingenico iSC250 payment terminals processing EMV transactions
  • A user with administrative rights to all workstations

What would implementing the patch entail?

If you are already on, an i3 Support Technician would:

  • Back up your NCR Counterpoint Database(s)
  • Install the patch on your server
  • Install the patch on all Counterpoint workstations
  • Verify with one of your staff members that when you attempt to process a card, no Amount OK? dialog appears on the Ingenico(s)

If you are not on, there may be additional steps necessary to upgrade Counterpoint before the patch can be applied. Please reach out to Alec Overly for more information by emailing [email protected] or calling 877-809-9980 and pressing 1 for sales.

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