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TeamViewer 6 Out of Support

TeamViewer is the application that i3 Verticals uses to support most of our clients, and a few years ago, we used TeamViewer version 6 to provide remote support. We have found that a few clients still have TeamViewer 6 installed. We can no longer connect to computers using TeamViewer 6.

Checking your TeamViewer version

  1. In the system tray, find the TeamViewer icon and right-click on the icon.

2. Choose About TeamViewer from the menu.

3. A window opens displaying your TeamViewer version

Installing a New Version of TeamViewer

If you find that you are running TeamViewer 6, and would like to install a newer version:

  1. Open an Internet browser on the computer and navigate to:
  2. TeamViewer downloads automatically, a window opens asking if you want to Run or Save the file. Choose Run
  3. Accept all the defaults and agree to the Terms and Conditions during the software install.

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