NCR User Portal Updates and Verifying Payment Methods

As of April 2024, User Portal login credentials will additionally require a password in addition to your serial number and Zip / Postal Code. Each client with a NCR SecurePay account received an email from NCR informing them of the change. We recommend that you verify your NCR Counterpoint User Portal. This is also a good time to verify that your payment method is current. These services might include:
  • NCR Secure Pay
  • CP Mobile
If you do not have the email or need additional assistance setting or resetting your password, then reach out to the NCR Counterpoint Sales Operations Team via email [email protected].

Logging into the NCR Counterpoint User Portal

To log into the NCR Counterpoint User Portal, you will need:
  • Your Counterpoint Serial Number
  • The Zip Code associated with your Counterpoint License
  • Password
  1. Open a web browser, and navigate to

  2. Enter your Serial Number and Zip Code
  3. Click Log In

Updating Your Payment Profiles

Once you logged into the User Portal, you will need to update your payment profiles.
  1. Click My Payment Profile from the Menu Bar

  2. Click Add to add a new payment method

  3. Select a Payment Profile Type
    • Create New Card Profile allows you to create a credit card payment method
    • Create New Check Profile allows you to create an eCheck payment method (similar to an ACH Debit charge)

  4. Enter the payment information

  5. Click Create Payment Profile

Adding Existing Payment Profile to Other NCR Services

Once you have created a payment profile, it can be used for the other NCR Services that show in the My Payment Profile screen.
  1. Click Select next to a service line

  2. Choose a payment option from the Mask eCheck/Card drop-down

  3. Click Save
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for any other services for which you need to update payment

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