Saving Report Parameters

Once you have found a report that suits your needs and defined any parameters or filters, you can save those report parameters for future use. It is much easier to reuse parameters than to define them every time that you want to run the same report. Follow these steps to save report parameters and reload them later.

Saving Report Parameters

  1. Define report parameters and filters to suit your needs
  2. Click Options

  1. Select Save parameters

  1. Enter a Report Name

  1. (Optional) Uncheck the Public checkbox if you do not want other users to access these report parameters
  2. (Optional) Enter a description of the report
  3. Click Save

Loading Report Parameters

To use save parameters again:

  1. Open the report
  2. Click Options
  3. Select Load parameters

  1. Select the parameters from the list

  1. Click Load

Other Options

If you plan to use a report on a regular basis, you might want to add a second instance of the report to your menu code and set default parameters for that instance of the report. For more information on editing Menu codes click here (

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