Reviewing Void History

If a ticket was completed in Counterpoint, a record will remain, even if the ticket was voided after completion. Follow these steps to look at void history, either ticket by ticket or by viewing an overview report.

Viewing the Voided Tickets Report

  1. Select Sales History → Reports → Voided Tickets Report
  2. Select an Order by from the drop-down

  1. Choose a Report type

  1. (Optional) Check the box for Show Payment Detail
  2. Click the Void History Header tab
  3. Enter a Ticket Date range for voided tickets

  1. (Optional) Apply additional filters like:

    a. User
    b. Store
    c. Station
    d. Drawer
    e. Line item

  2. Click Preview

View Ticket Detail for Voided Tickets

  1. Select Sales History → Views → View Voided History

  1. Enter or look up a voided ticket

  1. Use tabs of the View to review history of the ticket

  1. (Optional) Click the Print icon in the toolbar to print:

    a. Screenshot of View window
    b. A reprint of a Receipt or Invoice

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