Restarting NCR Device Services API

In Counterpoint version 8.5.4 and above, devices such as the Ingenico, receipt printer, and cash drawer use a new NCR service to connect to your Point of Sale. If the service stops, your devices may not load. Stop and Start the device service to reestablish connection between Counterpoint and your devices.

  1. Click the Start menu
  2. Type Services.msc
  3. Click the Services App

  1. In the Services Window, scroll down and click NCR Device Services API
  2. Click Stop

  1. After the service stops, click Start

  1. Reload devices in Counterpoint using one of these methods:
    • Close Counterpoint and reopen the program
    • In Touchscreen Ticket Entry, click Main Functions → Reload Devices
    • From the Counterpoint Home Screen, select Setup → Point of Sale → Devices and when the Device Management window opens, click Close

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