Physical Count Simplified for January

Every January, i3 POS gets calls for help and refreshers about the Physical Count process, as most businesses only do Physical Count once or twice a year and it tends to be a slower business month.

So how can we make things easier?

The i3 POS Training and Support Teams have come together to find a way to simplify the process, by organizing the menus of Counterpoint to work better for you. Our suggestion is to create a new Physical Count folder for your menu to:
  • Organize all the steps of Physical Count into phases
  • Include all Physical Count edit lists and reports in the Physical Count menu
  • Add links to the i3 POS Blog for more information about the process, such as:
    • Instructions on Physical Count
    • More information on what Import errors mean
    • FAQs for Physical Count
  • Add a link in Counterpoint to the import folder

What will the phases look like?

Each of the phases contain different parts of the Physical Count process.

Pre-Count Steps:

Starting Count Steps:

Counting Steps:

Posting Count Steps:

After Count Steps:

What will this do for you?

By creating one location for Physical Count, you will
  • Not have to navigate through multiple Counterpoint menus to run the pre-count edit lists and reports
  • Have extra resources built into Counterpoint

How do you get the updated Physical Count folder?

To request the new Physical Count folder, please email [email protected] and include the following information:
  • Your Name
  • Your Business Name
  • Which Menu Codes need to be adjusted (or which System Security Codes need this menu)

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