Negative Inventory Reporting

Most businesses rarely should have negative inventory quantities for their items. There are scenarios where you might sell items into the negative:
  • Clerks accidentally selects the wrong item to sell
  • Item was received with the incorrect quantity
  • A receiver was never processed for the item
There is a report that you can use to locate items with negative inventory quantities. Follow these steps to run a report for items with negative inventory:
  1. From the Launchpad, select Inventory → Reports → Inventory Status Report
  1. Set Include items if qtys on hand are to Non zero
  2. Enter or lookup a location
  1. Click the Inventory tab
  2. Right click in the filter area and choose customize from the drop-down menu
  1. Click the line
  1. Click the filter by field and choose Qty on hand from the drop-down
  1. Click the filter operator and choose Less than
  1. Right-click in the filters area and choose Simplify from the drop-down menu
  1. Enter a zero in the Qty on hand less than field
NOTE: You can apply other filters to this report by using the item tab to limit your results to things in a certain category or from a certain primary vendor.
  1. Click Preview

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