How to Enter a Write-off on a Customer’s Account

Any business that allows customers to charge to an A/R account runs the risk of not being able to collect that amount. As a result, you may need to occasionally enter a write-off on a customer’s account.


To enter a write-off, you must be able to:

  • Access Customer Account Management
  • Enter Cash Receipts


  1. Go to Customers → Account Management
  2. Enter or look up the customer that you will add the write-off for

  1. Click the AR Documents Tab
  2. Change the Group by to Group by Apply-To

  1. Click the Ticket you will be adding the write-off for and note the ticket number
  2. Click Add Cash Receipt at the Top Right hand side of the Account Management Window

  1. Enter or Auto-assign the document number
  2. Enter the Paycode of Cash
  3. Enter the Amt Received: 0.00
  4. Enter a reason/explanation of the write-off in the Reference Field

  1. Click Next
  2. On the Lines Tab, enter or look up the document you’re entering the Write-off against

  1. In Amount paid, enter 0.00

  1. Click the dropdown triangle to the right of the Right Arrow Icon

  1. Click Enter Write-off
  2. Enter the Amount

  1. Click OK
  2. Your Cash Receipt window will look like this – Important bits emphasized with red

  1. Click Tab twice – and Cash Receipts MAY ask if you want to save this document. If it does, Click No
  2. Click Post
  3. Go back to the Accounts Management customer, review the entry. It should appear this way:


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