Create a Quick Report to Count Your Items

If the Counterpoint default Physical Count Worksheet doesn’t show enough information for you to count your items, you can create a Quick Report from the Item Lookup and print it.

Creating and Filtering the Lookup

To get into the item lookup, select columns, and filter the report for specific items:
  1. Select Inventory → Physical Count → Physical Count Enter
  2. Click the Magnifying Glass next to Item number
  1. An Item Lookup window opens
  2. Right-click on one of the Column Headers and choose Column Designer from the drop-down menu
  1. Choose Columns to print on the report by moving those columns to the Visible columns area. Remove columns from the Visible Columns area that you don’t need to see on the report. Recommended columns include:
    • Item Number
    • Long Description – if primarily using the Long Description field
    • Qty on Hand – if you want to see the Qty that Counterpoint think you have in stock
    • Any additional information you require
  1. Once you have all the columns you require added to the Visible columns area, click OK
  2. Expand the size of the columns of the lookup to see all data in the columns
  3. Click the Options button, and choose Filter from the drop-down menu
  4. Use the Filter window to limit what data shows on the Quick Report. Recommended Filters include:
    • Primary vendor is exactly XXX
    • Item category is exactly XXX
    NOTE: You can customize these filters to suit your filtering needs.
  1. Click OK

Previewing and Printing the Quick Report

To verify the right data displays and then print the quick report:
  1. Click Options and choose Preview from the drop-down menu
  2. Review the information in the report
  1. (Optional) Close the preview and redo columns or filters if necessary
  2. Click Print

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