Coming Soon: New Mobile Solution

We have been receiving a lot of interest in mobile POS and inventory options for NCR Counterpoint. Historically, NCR’s CP Mobile solution was our go-to solution for all things “mobile”. However, we have come across a new option that may be a great fit for anyone looking for a way to sell their products away from the fixed registers and still integrate with your NCR Counterpoint POS and inventory management.
In addition to selling remotely, we also needed something that would allow for mobility when performing inventory functions, such as:
  • Physical Count
  • Transfers
  • Receiving
  • Label Printing
The i3 POS team will be sending out a separate email highlighting the details and sending over some webinar options for an opportunity for you to sit in and view the solution in action.
Keep an eye out for future emails related to mobile POS options. If you have any urgent questions or need a solution ASAP, please reach out to Alec Overly directly and he will be happy to assist with fast-tracking your request.

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