Attention Bluefin Point-to-Point Payment Terminal Users

Reminder: Bluefin Attestations Need to Be Completed Yearly

If you are using Bluefin Point-to-Point Encrypted payment terminals, you are required to complete a yearly attestation that the payment terminal is in good working order and has not been tampered with. This must be completed for every payment terminal that is in your environment.
While i3 POS cannot help you complete these attestations, we can verify who has been set up to use the Bluefin portal for attestations, help set up a new user if you have had employee turnover, or verify if your business is using Bluefin payment terminals at all.
If this is your first year to complete attestations, you may need instructions on how to do so. Bluefin’s website has a documentation section that includes videos on how to complete attestations and any other tasks you might need to complete.
To access the documentation:
  1. Log in to
  2. Click the ? icon in the left navigation bar
  3. Choose Video Library

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