A View into User Activity

Counterpoint has a built-in view that allows you to see which users are logged in, where they are logged in from, and if they are using a drawer or another transactional batch such as receiving or inventory adjustments. This can assist in finding which computers are still logged into Counterpoint when they should not be or finding a computer that is blocking a user from posting transactions for their batch transactions.

Using the Resources and Locks View

To see who is in Counterpoint:

  1. Select System → Views → View Resources and Locks
  2. On the System tab, you can click one of the line items in the list to see details of their login

  1. On the Company tab, you can see details of user logins including drawer session use and other open transaction windows. Click a line to view additional information about the login.

NOTE: For each drawer session in use, you will see multiple lines: one for the store, one of the station, and one for the drawer session.


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