ACH Processing

With single or scheduled recurring ACH payments, you can improve efficiency. These programs do not require any hardware or software, and we also offer free and detailed online reporting to keep track of all ACH payments. This program is web-based and allows you to view transaction history, reconcile billing, gain fast access to batch details and much, much more. We also allow these reports to be exported in a variety of formats that are popular with businesses.

Program Options Include:

Single Debits

We can process a one-time debit from a customer’s checking account.

Recurring Debits

We can schedule payments of the same amount to occur on a regular basis, which process automatically.

B2B Debits

We can debit business checking accounts and provide additional tools to effortlessly manage B2B ACH payments.

Check Processing - C.A.R.S.

Simplifying Check Processing For The Automotive Industry

CrossCheck’s Auto Industry RDC Solution (also known as C.A.R.S.) is a powerful tool to help dealerships with fast, easy and efficient check processing. Complete with a future deposit function, COD for the parts and service department and desktop conversion to save time and money by skipping the bank, C.A.R.S. is a revolutionary tool for any car dealership. Online reporting allows for constant oversight, and authorized checks are automatically processed and deposited directly into the dealership’s account.


A business of any size can safely and securely accept and process check over the phone with our Checks-By-Phone program. Benefits of this program include the ability to eliminate check handling fees, gathering funds through ACH, free online reporting and guaranteed funds when processing through a Gateway.

A Checks-By-Phone Virtual Terminal will allow you to oversee the program in process, and with our add-on verification program, a sophisticated fraud protection service will cross check consumers against a national negative database for outstanding returned checks. We also offer a recording service option (with both external and our own voice authorization recording service) for accountability and your records.

C.A.R.S. Offers:

  • Wider acceptance of checks, fewer administrative returns*
  • Future Deposit program included
  • COD premium for Parts and Service
  • 24/7 transaction reporting via the Internet
  • Loaner equipment available free of charge
  • Eliminates claims submission and claims waiting time

Program Features

We’ve built our program with multiple transactions types, flexible program controls, and cardholder and merchant support features to ensure you get the most out of your gift card program.
A successful program requires a solid back-office management system. We bring together all the data and reports you need to help you understand how your program is performing. And we provide the cutting-edge functionality you need to efficiently and securely manage all your payment transaction data.
  • Search five years of transaction history at the summary or account level
  • Export data with ease and customize queries at the summary or detail level
  • Access a complete reporting suite for reconciliation, settlement, portfolio analysis, and escheatment
  • Access a comprehensive aging and liability file
  • Import a raw data activity file into your reconciliation system
  • Process all available gift card transaction types, in single or batch mode via the Virtual Terminal
  • Import large, non-sequential batches of transactions from a spreadsheet to avoid manual entry
  • Process large batches of sequential cards in real time with the mass transaction application
  • Tag a group of cards for review using the program identifier assignment application
  • Convert your active and non-active cards so you can deplete your current stock
  • Support all program features and functionality on your converted card base
  • Convert your transaction history if provided by your current processor
  • Experienced support teams to ensure a smooth, accurate conversion, and ongoing support
  • Flexible hierarchies and program controls
  • Robust, secure, and compliant processing environment
  • Online data and reporting solution with a large suite of reports and customizable queries
  • Multiple settlement options for franchise partners

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