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Upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10

Are you still using Windows 7?  Are you tired of getting those pesky alerts from Microsoft about upgrading?  Well…you’re not alone.

While these reminders may be a nuisance; it’s important that you understand the underlying risks.

Microsoft has ended support of its Windows 7 operating system.  While it may not sound like it’s something critical to your business; it is. 

When Microsoft ends support of an operating system, they stop providing patches and updates.  These updates are usually critical security patches, ensuring your system remains safe and secure.  Furthermore, PCI Compliance requires you to use a supported operating system.  Again, it all comes back to security.

From a Counterpoint standpoint, NCR has ended support for Windows 7, due to what I mentioned above.  This means that we (i3 Verticals) can no longer leverage NCR’s support services if there is a Counterpoint support issue that we’re unable to solve internally.

Do you have any computers still running Windows 7?  We may be able to simply upgrade them from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

It’s important that you upgrade to Windows 10 and we are here to help.  Please reach out to Alec Overly, [email protected] to get the process started.

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