RPOWER has built several features tailored to improve your point-of-sale performance and maximize your return on investment.

RPOWER Flashpay allows for small dollar credit card transactions to process without the need for printing or signature capture. RPOWER’s Delivery Dispatcher, Caller ID Integration, and Customer Management utilities keep your business on top of all your take-out and delivery needs.

Maximize your return on investment with RPOWER.

Quick Service & Counter Operation

RPOWER Quick Service and counter operation functionality increases operator efficiency and accuracy, speeding up customer time at the register.

RPOWER has built several features tailored to improve your point-of-sale performance and maximize your return on investment. RPOWER Flashpay allows for small dollar credit card transactions to process without the need for printing or signature capture. Couple these features with RPOWER’s Customer Rewards Programs as well as its system reliability and see what a powerful point-of-sale system can do for your establishment.

  • Bump Bar or Touchscreen
  • Customer Facing LCD
  • Digital Menu Boards
  • Kitchen Video Display

Digital Menu Boards

Far beyond displaying site-specific customizable screens, RPOWER Digital Menu Boards can receive instant item descriptions and pricing changes via your RPOWER System, keeping your customer marketing in sync with your RPOWER System.

Customer-Facing Marketing

RPOWER can accommodate a secondary LCD at each register for looping video advertisement without costly needs for third party software. The RPOWER Polebug, a virtual pole display depicted on the customer facing LCD, removes the additional cost of traditional customer pole display hardware.

Kitchen Video Display Systems

GO PAPERLESS! RPOWER’s Kitchen Video Display System requires no third-party integration or additional workstations. KDS runs as a secondary terminal from your already existing point-of-sale workstation. Features include: bump-bar or touch-screen controlled, bump-forwarding (to secondary KDS terminals or printers), bump-dependency, bump to page and check recall. Checks display running time, server, table name, items with quantity notation, item color coding and modifiers. Bring your orders visually into the kitchen with RPOWER’s own Kitchen Video System.

Fine Dining & Table Service

RPOWER has developed features catered specifically toward the Table Service environment.

Intuitive operations for splitting checks, menu coursing, and fire/held ordering reduce time at the POS terminal, keeping service staff attention on the customer. RPOWER also includes built-in features to increase staff awareness and simplify in-house communication with employee messaging, count down/86 notification, and menu item/specials-description capabilities. Smart ordering software with forced and unforced modifier selections complete the order process while minimizing touches.

Integrated high-speed credit card processing with definable capabilities for off-line processing, tip percentages, and receipt validation printing provide flexible controls for payment processing and advanced credit card security. RPOWER’s Table Service software provides the unmatched stability and dependability our customers demand, keeping your team in control.

Graphical Tables

RPOWER Graphical Table layout provides a comprehensive look at the current status of tables in your establishment. Twelve different color codes denote table status from initial seating to a dirty status enabling your staff to operate with increased efficiency. On-screen quick action buttons for printing guest checks, paying/closing checks, firing-held orders, and duplicate round ordering. Multiple room and staff views keep the entire staff in tune with your guests.

Mobile Ordering

Speed up your order time and table turns with RPOWER Mobile Workstations. Capitalize on complete RPOWER functionality including secure table-side credit card payments and receipt printing.

Mobile Ordering

RPOWER packs in the same capabilities and power of the point-of-sale solution into the mobile point-ofsale technology, with the WebDT handheld system from DT Research. Different from other systems, our mobile solution is not fragile or battery-hungry, the WebDT 430 was built from with your business in mind to deliver dependable, long-range, and battery-frugal service in harsh, crowded, and dimly-lit environments.

Having a mobile workstation allows for servers to work fast, efficiently and present customer satisfaction at any table-side. To add to the turn time of a table, an optional magnetic swipe reader and wireless belt printer, RPOWER Mobile Workstations can significantly reduce table turn time, especially for customers paying with credit cards. This unit is also capable of processing gift cards, both for sale and redemption, along with any customer rewards programs. In busy establishments, faster turns mean increased revenue.

RPOWER Handheld Capabilities:

  • Secure server entry
  • Table-service or ‘Line-buster’ ordering
  • Multiple item modifier levels
  • Full void & discount capabilities
  • Pre-authorize credit cards for tabs
  • Authorize multiple credit cards
  • Finalize (tip) credit card payments
  • Full Gift/Loyalty integration
  • Complete management capabilities
  • Table-side printing
  • On demand destination printing
  • Full RPOWER POS software functionality

Graphical Tables

The RPOWER POS Graphical Table layout provides a comprehensive view of the current state of tables in your establishment. With twelve different color codes, you are able to identify table status from initial seating to a dirty status enabling your staff to table manage with increased efficiency. The RPOWER Graphical Table layout screen also includes quick action buttons for printing guest checks, paying/closing checks, firing held orders, and duplicate round ordering.

Bar & Nightclub

The speed of RPOWER’s Bar & Nightclub configuration provides for lightning-fast order-to-completion time without sacrificing detailed item tracking or customer management.

Cash transactions can be completed in two touches, taking less than a second to complete an order. A credit card preauthorization of funds can be started with each new tab securing payment, protecting your liability from customer walk¬outs. High-speed credit card processing allows credit card authorizations to be completed within 3 seconds, keeping your bartender in the flow of business. The speed and simplicity of RPOWER’s Bar & Nightclub System paralleled with its core reliability is unmatched in the industry and continues to place RPOWER in the most demanding environments in the country.

Management Features

RPOWER excels with management utilities specific to the Bar & Nightclub industry: our Spotter Display flashes order transaction totals and change amount due on the entire screen for easy customer & management monitoring. Have RPOWER integrate with your CCTV system to overlay item ordering. Drawer compulsion and “Blind Close” settings for cash drawer operators withhold sales and cash totals without management permission. Integrate to the industry leaders in liquor management solutions for further in-depth inventory control.

VIP Customer & CRM Programs

RPOWER has configurable VIP Programs for special guests with Pop-up Note reminders for special services, including customer pictures for quick identification confirmation. RPOWER’s Bar & Nightclub System provides the tools and features you need to promote a unique customer experience and keep your operations running smoothly while maintaining control of your staff.

Bar & Nightclub Extensive Features:

  • Pre-Auth / Duplicate Charge Notification
  • Speed of Order Entry
  • Spotter Display
  • 3rd Party Liquor Inventory Integration
  • Blind Close/Drawer Compulsion
  • Automated Price Changes
  • Inclusive/Exclusive Tax Options
  • Multi/Single-Site VIP Programs
  • High-Speed Credit Card Processing
  • Text Insertion for CCTV
  • Bar Video Display
  • 3D Barcode/Swipe ID Verification

RPOWER’s Real-Time Dashboard

RPOWER Dashboard

A real-time, secure web page viewable from any web-enabled device keeps management in touch with restaurant operations while away from the establishment. Data points include real-time site and server sales, discounts, voids, check and guest averages, and more.

Multi-Function Email

Use RPOWER’s internal Email engine to auto-send Daily Sales Reports to ownership, Pay Period Reports to your Payroll provider, or on the fly Emailing of RPOWER Reports to key personnel.

RPOWER SQL Reporting Engine

RPOWER’s SQL Reporting Engine makes it possible for single and multi-location groups to collect and securely warehouse store-level sales, labor, customer, and inventory data to a centralized SQL Server. Utilize RPOWER’s own secure Web Reports Package to host and view over 70 various reports including multi-store consolidated Product Mix, Hourly Sales, Overtime and Discount monitoring.

For locations wishing to merge or host their own data, RPOWER’s SQL Engine can provide a customizable solution ensuring daily collection and delivery of store data in the format that meets your technology needs.


Accounting, PMS & Product Tracking Interfaces

Unlike any other POS System, the RPOWER QuickBooks Interface operates with no human intervention. When RPOWER closes the day, it sends accounting data to a location accessible to the computer with QuickBooks installed and posts your daily sales information directly into your QuickBooks company database. RPOWER interfaces with both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online Software versions.

Customer Billing

RPOWER maintains the master list of QuickBooks charge accounts and their members. New and updated accounts are imported into the QuickBooks Customer List daily. Each member charge posts as a separate QuickBooks invoice that is tied back to the RPOWER guest check. Current balance information is sent back to RPOWER for viewing at the restaurant level. Customer account payments can be made through QuickBooks or your RPOWER System.

Do-It-Yourself Payroll

Upon completion of the Pay Period Time Clock report, RPOWER will automatically send time clock and tip records to the QuickBooks Do-It-Yourself Payroll. RPOWER is unique in its ability to export tip data into QuickBooks for use in box 7 of the employee’s W2. RPOWER also sends new and updated employee demographics to QuickBooks daily.

Multi-Location Posting

For multi-site chains utilizing QuickBooks, RPOWER can import store data to unique QuickBooks company files for each location or it can post each store’s data to a singular consolidated company file. Talk with your local RPOWER Dealership about the time-saving opportunities RPOWER can provide your company with today.

Hotel/PMS Interfaces

RPOWER provides an interface for establishments located within hotels, resorts and clubs for posting billing to rooms and folio accounts. The RPOWER Hotel/PMS Interface is available for several Property Management systems including: Micros/Fidelio, Encore, Lodging Link, System 21, AutoClerk and others.

Accounting Software Interfacing

A variety of software accounting packages are available to businesses. RPOWER has created custom extracts with several: ACCPAC, Microsoft Great Plains, MAS 90 and QuickBooks. Other accounting integrations are also available.

External Product Tracking

RPOWER interfaces to a variety of product tracking software systems including: ChefTec, Scannabar, FreePour, Food Trak and many more. Automatically extract and post all POS sales information into specific file formats for any of the integrated systems.

Full-Service, Competitive Credit Card Processing

RPOWER is partnered with Vantiv® to allow for a seamless integration that considerally simplifies EMV payment processing. With this you receive FREE 24/7 US based customer support, multi-store reconcilliation, e-commerce solutions, online transaction reporting, stand-in authorization during network outage, PCI compliance, and more. Integrated with RPOWER are payment processing companies such as Vantiv®, SilverEdge, and Sterling. With these partnerships, you are able to process a variety of gift cards and process credit cards at a lower cost. These partnerships provides a solution that brings security, reliability, and value to our customers.

RPOWER POS is a validated PA-DSS application, meeting the standard set forth by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council to ensure the safe handling of cardholder information.

Grubhub and Seamless Web Ordering

One-Step Menu Updating

Simply enter in any menu additions or changes into your RPOWER POS and update your online ordering site instantly. Easily enter in specials daily without hassle. Price changes can go into effect whenever you want.

Seamless Notification & Confirmation

The order comes into your RPOWER POS and prints to the designated printers. Once printing has occurred, you will hear the signature notification sound and you can confirm the order directly from your RPOWER POS workstation by entering in the Confirmation Code.

Group Orders

RPOWER can accept group orders. The restaurant partner can confirm the group order collectively (just once) and does not need to confirm orders individually. A cover sheet will print for each group order, after which individual orders within the group will print a designated order number for reference.

Time Clock Management

The RPOWER Time Clock Module can drastically reduce valuable management time and produce the reporting every restaurateur needs to minimize labor costs. To save even more time, use one of the RPOWER External Payroll interfaces to transmit all needed payroll information directly to your payroll services provider.

Restrict your employee clock-in/out times and share employee sales data with one of RPOWER’s integrated Labor Scheduling partners. Each provide comprehensive tools for labor forecasting, schedule analysis, productivity reporting and more.

Increase your POS system security and Time Clock record keeping with Integrated Fingerprint Readers. RPOWER has the ability to enforce fingerprint use on management required operations, time-clock entries or all POS operations.

Employee Time Clock Tracking

RPOWER keeps you in control of your employees with a fully integrated Time Clock Module. The built-in tip tracking and labor reporting give you the tools you need to manage your labor. Easily calculate overtime and run time clock reports for payroll analysis. Its extensive features include multiple jobs and pay rates for employees, numerous security level settings, simple time clock and tip editing, pre-set tip pooling and allocation, and real-time analysis to keep management ahead of the curve.

RPOWER Employee Breaks

RPOWER tracks up to five break times per employee per day. Each definable break is configured as Paid or UnPaid, with options for Early/Late Return policies based on manager approval. RPOWER break functionality keeps you in compliance with your state labor regulations.

RPOWER Loyalty & Gift Cards

The RPOWER Loyalty and Gift Card programs associate an electronic ID (Swipe Card, bar code, account number) with an account stored in a central database and accessed over the Internet. Each account maintains two separate balances, a cash balance and an accrued point balance. The combination and use of these two balances defines the particular type of customer relationship program offered by an establishment.

Loyalty/Frequent Diner Program

The restaurant assigns a point value for each dollar spent in its establishment. Customers accrue rewards points over time with their purchases. Both accumulation and redemption values can vary according to day of week and time of day. Points are converted to discount dollars available for redemption on future purchases.

Gift Card Program

A customer can purchase a gift card at one location, increase its balance at another location, make purchases at all locations. RPOWER gift cards may also be made available for purchase on-line.


A VIP/Discount Program associates an automatic, pre-selected discount on specified items for program members. A restaurant may sell or give the cards to selected patrons. RPOWER tracks how these discounts are used for each VIP/Discount Card Member.

Promo Card / Single-Use Coupons

A Promo Card gives the customer either a full or partial percentage discount, up to a limit, and is deactivated upon use. A Promo Coupon is a Promo Card number printed on a label for mailing, or included in an email, along with a 4-digit security code to prevent unauthorized use.

Debit/Prepay Card

The Debit/Prepay Program is designed to be used in corporate, school and hospital cafeterias, coffee shops, and other high-volume, repeat customer establishments. Customers purchase desired amounts, and the balance is deducted over a period of time through consistent usage.

Gift & Loyalty Partners

RPOWER interfaces with a wide variety of third party gift & loyalty providers. Ask your local RPOWER Dealership for more information.