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You can use a combination of Microsoft Word and Counterpoint to create your own coupons. In Counterpoint, you create the discount code (either line or document), and then you use MS Word to help you create a barcode using special barcode font.
The New Year has begun, and for a lot of businesses, that means it’s time for a Physical Count. Every year, we help a lot of our clients with issues that arise during the Physical Count process.
Have you ever thought that your employees are robbing you blind? You are probably right. Theft is a huge problem in the retail environment.
Ticket Sleuthing is required when you’re looking to find out very specific information about a transaction.
When an issue arises with a piece of Equipment, there are some simple steps that you can perform that may solve the issue.
Barcodes come in many flavors that can serve different purposes. A key to using them is also having the appropriate scanner to read the barcodes that you work with daily.
Counterpoint has over 150 reports, but how many do you use on a regular basis. Every month, we will go over another one of Counterpoint’s powerful built in reports.
Do you ever wonder how many cards are swiped per minute? Per hour? Per day? Per Month? Well, let’s keep that going. Do you ever wonder where your information goes?
You’ve probably noticed that some sites use https:// instead of http:// in their web addresses, but maybe you don’t know what that means.

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