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The ability to filter data is an important part of Counterpoint’s functionality. Filtering data allows you target or limit what information you see. You can filter when running reports, using lookups, or using table view to make edits to multiple records.
Google has announced that it is ending support of “Less Secure Apps” or the ability to access/use Google Accounts using only the main account username and password. On May 30, 2022, this feature will be discontinued.
You may want to send an email out to your customers and want to get a list of the emails that you have in Counterpoint.
Tap to pay is becoming a bigger and bigger part of the retail payment world. Cards with contactless/tap capabilities and mobile payment options like Apple Pay and Google Pay are in the hands of more customers than ever. Is your business using contactless payments to its full advantage?
i3 Point of Sale Support has had requests from multiple clients about changing the size of the “Insert, Swipe, or Tap” message on the new Lane/5000 credit card terminals, because the text is smaller than it was on the iSC250s. There is now a way to update the size of the message.
Counterpoint allows for multi-step transfers of multiple items between locations. To complete a transfer, you will enter and post Transfer Out and Transfer In.
Hardware failures can cost your business time and money. Our recommendation is to always keep a backup station that can be used as a quick swap to replace the down-register. We suggest the same for other critical devices, like your credit card payment terminals.
From time to time, you might find that data available to you in a lookup would be the same data you would like to see in a report. You can generate a quick report from any lookup in Counterpoint.
Counterpoint supports the ability to adjust a customer's balance, through debit and credit memos. A debit memo increases a customer's balance (the amount owed to the business), and a credit memo decreases a customer's balance.

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