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Occasionally, you might need to change how a credit was applied to a customer’s account. It might have been applied to Open and left as an open credit on the customer’s account. Or the credit might have been applied to the wrong document. The Reapply A/R Documents Utility allows you to choose how a credit is applied.
There are specific tasks that need to be completed at the end of the fiscal year. Your fiscal year may or may not match your calendar year. Only complete these tasks at the end of your fiscal year.
Occasionally, you might need to update the method that you use to pay for services from NCR.
i3 Point of Sale values your business. We are your partner in business and have the desire to provide personal and exceptional customer service. Therefore, we are proud to offer our clients Emergency After Hours Support.
Item Attributes are 6 additional fields that you can use to define information about the item that might not have another field in Counterpoint. You can even define the label of the field and what information can be used in that field. Item Attributes can also be used when filtering items or running reports.
If you need to include additional information on a line-by-line basis in Purchasing and Receiving, you can use Line comments. Each line of a receiver can have up to 3 comments associated with it. These comments are printed on purchasing documents.
Counterpoint supports the use of Profile fields to add/collect additional information on records
Occasionally you might need to investigate your tickets. Often, you have limited information to work with. Maybe you have a repeat customer who feels that they have been double-charged, or maybe you have a customer that is not sure how their balance got so high.
In a warehouse setting, it might be necessary to store the same item in multiple areas of the warehouse. Counterpoint uses Bins on the Inventory record to track where the inventory is stored.

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