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From time to time, you might find that data available to you in a lookup would be the same data you would like to see in a report. You can generate a quick report from any lookup in Counterpoint.
Counterpoint supports the ability to adjust a customer's balance, through debit and credit memos. A debit memo increases a customer's balance (the amount owed to the business), and a credit memo decreases a customer's balance.
Offline Counterpoint is a great tool in case you lose connection to your Counterpoint server. It allows you to continue ringing tickets and sync them to your Counterpoint server when connection is restored.
From time to time, you might make errors when inputting costs during receiving. Counterpoint’s Purchase Adjustments functionality can help you correct those costs.
The New Year has begun, and for a lot of businesses, that means it’s time for a Physical Count. Every year, we help a lot of our clients with issues that arise during the Physical Count process.
There are specific tasks that need to be completed at the end of the fiscal year. Your fiscal year may or may not match your calendar year. Only complete these tasks at the end of your fiscal year.
i3 POS Support has received some calls requesting additional information be displayed on the Ingenico Lane/5000 and iSC250 screen.
From time to time, your System may become bogged down with an abundance of Items that are no longer Sold and/or Stocked at your Location. The Best way to deal with this is by using the Purge Inactive Items Utility.
Microsoft has recently released Windows 11, their newest offering for PC Operating Systems. Often, people think that it is a good idea to upgrade to the latest and greatest software, but that is not recommended for stations running Counterpoint.

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