NCR Pulse for Retail

Real-Time store insights in the palm of your hand

Store managers have one of the most demanding jobs in the retail enterprise. Everything from rising operating and labor costs eating into margins, managing and optimizing complex inventory assortments, to preventing fraud and shrink all fall on their shoulders. And, these challenges can be daunting. Not to mention the pace of change happening in retail today, which necessitates levels of agility and responsiveness that day-old (or even week-old) data cannot deliver.

NCR answers these challenges with a solution that provides managers with the insights needed to proactively manage the store. With NCR Pulse for Retail, managers have live access to operational KPIs through any mobile device, so they can stay on top of what’s happening in the store, as it happens, no matter where they are. Not only can managers react immediately to issues as they arise, they can do so from the sales floor— and don’t have to lose precious hours in the back office.

Stay on top of store performance, even while on the go
NCR Pulse for Retail has an easy to understand dashboard that provides a snapshot of overall store performance. With a comprehensive suite of tools at their fingertips, users can:
  • Review sales vitals and standard KPIs, and sort of filter by a number of key metrics (net sales, number of transactions per day, sales by touchpoint, average basket size)
  • Customize thresholds that trigger notifications to better monitor sales trends, as a whole or down to the item-level, to easily identify best and worst performers by day or day part
  • Drill down from daily summaries all the way to a single transaction ticket to gain detailed visibility into POS activity
The foresight to prevent and contain issues
NCR Pulse for Retail empowers managers to act as soon as a potential problem is identified, before a small concern causes an expensive problem. Visual alerts and color-coded thresholds help direct their attention to data that might require attention, such as slower-than-average sales at a checkout lane, or a sudden drop in item sales compared to yesterday. This might be an indication that a POS attendant needs assistance or that an item needs restocking. The application also alerts managers to suspicious POS transactions that require immediate attention, such as excessive voids and returns.

Proactively Manage Your Business In Real-Time

Connected to your retail ecosystem

NCR Pulse for Retail is enabled through our open-architected omni-channel platform, which provides an integrated view across retail systems—including applications from NCR, third parties, and in-house developed applications. The solution is available for Android and iOS, and is running live at more than 10,000 sites. This powerful tool enables store managers and regional managers to operate more efficiently than ever before.

Positively impact your store operations—and your bottom line

  • Business growth and increased sales—Continuous visibility into sales performance, store operations, and store associate productivity—it’s just like being everywhere in the store all at once
  • Operational efficiency and time savings—No need to call store staff or review outdated reports to understand sales performance. Get all the information you need to address any store challenge in real time, right on your mobile device
  • Fraud detection and prevention—Minimize lost sales, avoid inventory shrink and stay ahead of potential business risks with rapid identification of potentially fraudulent excessive voids or returns

Product highlights

  • Interactive dashboard—A snapshot of sales performance, data and fraud indicators
  • Sales Performance—Direct insights into daily sales, hourly sales, customer traffic and more, with the ability to drill down for more detail
  • Notifications—Real-time alerts on POS irregularities, with customizable thresholds
  • Item trends—Per-item sales effectiveness statistics

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