Clear the Clutter, Power Your Dreams

NCR Silver Quantum® is more than a point of sale: The all-in-one commerce station delivers customer engagement, business insight and payment acceptance in one sleek package. Powered by NCR Silver and equipped with an Android tablet, it offers everything you need to take your retail or food-and-beverage business to the next level.

Enjoy a Cleaner Counter

With a modern-looking low profile, and measuring only 7.2 inches deep, NCR Silver Quantum takes up very little space. It also offers up to 10 hours of cordless operation.

Show Customers More

Customer-facing displays are nice. Built-in customer-facing displays are even nicer. It offers an impressive-looking interface that shows price, loyalty points, branding and more.

Increase Return Visits

Ditch the punch card! With NCR Silver loyalty AND a built-in loyalty scanner, you can improve customer retention in no time. This functionality is dependent on software compatibility.

Take Payments Easier

Dip, swipe or tap. With payments integrated into NCR Silver Quantum, you can have all-in-one functionality and offer customers the ability to pay the way they want to.

Get to the next level with NCR Silver.

From store to sidewalk, Silver drives small business

The NCR Silver™ mobile point-of-sale system for iPad® and iPhone® can cost-effectively manage your entire business — wherever it may take you.

NCR Silver’s iPad POS bundle makes payment processing easy. With full front- and back-end capabilities, Silver keeps everything running like the well-oiled machine you expect. So you can keep doing what you love and loving what you do.


Silver Packs a Punch

Don’t let Silver’s unassuming presence fool you. A full suite of products packed into one solution, Silver is all business.

Inventory Management
Know which items are your best sellers to keep them in stock
Multi-Store Management
Managing multiple locations doesn’t have to be so complicated
Consolidated Reporting
Track sales and cash—for all locations—from anywhere
Advanced Security
Get fraud alerts and end-to-end payment encryption
Employee Management
Assign roles and track employee time with clock-in/clock-out
Live Support 7 Days a Week
Built-In Loyalty and Email Marketing
Show your customers enough love, and they’ll give it right back. With automated emails, discounts, and rewards, Silver takes care of all of that for you.
  • Integrated loyalty program
  • Discounts, gift cards, and special offers
  • Automated “Miss You” and promotional emails
  • Go green and email receipts

The Back Office

It Really Shouldn’t Be This Easy!

NCR Silver’s back office is where you set up inventory, manage employees, track sales and much more. It’s often learned in just one use. Many customers say they often don’t even have to train new employees!

Seven Steps to Silver Success

  • i3-1-icon_v2 Pick your card processor — unlike some other POS providers, NCR Silver lets you choose the best one for you.
  • i3-2-icon_v2 Download NCR Silver App – on your iPhone or iPad.
  • i3-3-icon_v2 Set up the basics in the back office – such as employee roles and unique modifiers that help you customize orders.
  • i3-4-icon_v2 Attach an NCR Silver card reader – begin taking transactions.
  • i3-5-icon_v2 Keep customers coming back with built-in loyalty programs – without any cards, devices or additional apps.
  • i3-6-icon_v2 Make smart business decisions – because with NCR Silver’s inventory tracking, you can easily choose what items you want to keep track of.
  • i3-7-icon_v2 Market to your customers – without ever leaving the back office by accessing captured contact information and email templates.
The NCR Name

The “CR” is there for a reason. With an interface developed by NCR – the company that literally invented the cash register – you can rest assured it’s smartly designed.

Easy Access

You won’t have to search for common features. Daily tasks such as sales snapshots are intuitively placed for quick use.

Download the datasheet to find out more!

Grow your business by engaging with your customers

What is an iPad® POS system, anyway?

You already knew an iPad® was great for using the Internet, playing games and giving presentations. But thanks to NCR SilverTM, your iPad® is now a lean, mean mobile POS machine.
The iPad POS: Your cash register in the Cloud

Take transactions at the counter or on the floor, in the store or on the sidewalk. Manage all of your business’ business – from payroll to accounting. Engage customers with loyalty and email features.

The mobile and intuitive nature of the iPad makes it an excellent vehicle on which to run your retail store, cafe, food truck or service business. With NCR Silver on the iPad and a card reader, you have nearly all the functionality of a PC-based cash register. With a POS system for iPad, you can also access everything you need, conveniently from the cloud.

Take mobile payments and run your business with NCR Silver on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

Tablet…or traditional?
At NCR, we have an affinity for the cash register. We did invent it 130 years ago, after all. Now, tablet point-of-sale systems can take your business to heights never imagined a century ago.

What does a Cloud POS make possible?

Run your small business anywhere, thanks to the cloud

The Cloud transforms your simple Card Reader into a POS system

Let’s face it. Credit card transactions have become a bit of a commodity.

There are a lot of point-of-sale systems and simple card readers that do this. But what sets NCR Silver™ apart is what it does in the cloud before and after the transaction even takes place to help run your entire business.

When you use NCR Silver™, the program and all data you use are securely run and stored remotely on the cloud. It enables everything, from mobile transactions to reporting.

The cloud also offers peace of mind, from updates to security. That’s because NCR, the company that invented the cash register 130 years ago, will have your back – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

With NCR Silver™ POS in the cloud, you can run your business, even when your business is everywhere.

What Silver does in the Cloud
As your data is stored and processes are run in the cloud, Silver does a lot. Here are a few:
  • Enables mobile transactions, from the store to the sidewalk.
  • Tells you which items are your best-sellers to maximize inventory management.
  • Helps you manage multiple stores with real-time data.
  • Gives you consolidated sales reporting for multiple locations and employees.
  • Keeps your employees on track with management tools.
  • Stores customer contact information so you can engage them with offers and email marketing.
​Why the Cloud is convenient
Have you ever accessed the same data on your smartphone and computer? The cloud enables this time-saving benefit on your point-of-sale system, too.
  • A cloud POS makes it easier than PC-based cash registers to receive automatic updates
  • A cloud POS lets you access valuable data remotely ? even if your physical store is damaged by vandalism or Mother Nature.
  • A cloud POS synchronizes data automatically across multiple authorized devices, keeping everyone in tune no matter where they are.

Beyond the Card Reader

What POS Hardware is available?

With a cloud POS system from NCR Silver™, you don’t need much hardware. The basics are a credit card reader and a touchscreen tablet. You can use an iPad® or our all-in-one Register. After that, the additional hardware options are up to you.

More than a pretty face

Don’t let the simplicity fool you. The iPad® bundle for NCR Silver™ allows you to do more with less. From reliable card readers to Bluetooth® printers, this bundle has the tools you need to run your small business.

So, what may your retail store, café, service business or food truck need?

Need even more?

Silver Pro Features for Table-Service Restaurants

Any point-of-sale can take payments. But NCR Silver™ Pro Restaurant Edition gives you easy-to-use, visually appealing tools to run your entire business.
  • Enjoy custom floor layout options
  • Capture customer contact information instantly for loyalty programs
  • Fine-tune user roles – from bartenders to barbacks – to ensure everyone has the access they need
  • Get deep sales reporting – from tips and taxes to discounts
  • Monitor labor costs and much more from anywhere you get an internet connection

See how our customers thrive with NCR Silver point of sale solutions.

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