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Give your guests an easy and consistent contactless experience—that keeps them

Digital ordering was already the top driver of restaurant sales growth. Now, it’s essential to attracting and keeping customers who prefer contactless options.

Digital off-premise ordering has become the preferred choice for many restaurant customers. With NCR Aloha, restaurants of all sizes—from small cafes and grills to global chains—can deliver the off-site dining experience they need to compete in this new digital way of doing business.
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of frequent delivery/takeout users say they have been discouraged from ordering food from a restaurant because the website wasn’t mobile friendly.

1 MGH survey of 1,101 U.S. restaurant goers 18+ who dine in or have takeout or delivery at least 1/x month

Dish up effortless digital ordering

Restaurants that are successfully increasing their revenues from takeout and delivery sales are doing so by finding ways to offer exceptional, branded customer experiences across all digital channels. With NCR, you can ramp up mobile and online ordering using your own branding—and maintaining control over the experience.
This means quick, frustration-free ordering with high levels of accuracy. It means loyalty programs that deepen customer relationships with rewards for frequent dining. And it means using those connections to let them know you understand their preferences and are ready to respond to them.

Build your brand online and on mobile

Increasingly, consumers associate the impression of a restaurant with the quality of the food and service.
By customizing your online and mobile ordering platform to create a consistent brand experience, you make visits more memorable and encourage them to come back. You can also remove obstacles like menus that aren’t consistent from your physical site to your app to your online ordering interface. That’s because NCR makes it easy to control your brand identity and personality with customizable designs, images and content.

Offer a contactless way for guests to engage—whether they’re dining in or out.

With NCR Aloha, your guests can order on their own devices outside of your restaurant, pay through your app or website, and, when they get their order, may not even have to engage with staff, depending on your order pick up process. It’s an easier way to offer a truly contactless experience for those who prefer it.
Contactless dine-In—Give your guests a full contactless experience when they’re dining in. With NCR Aloha, your guests can order, tip and pay all from their personal device, controlling the whole experience and limiting interactions for everyone.

Confidently close the digital divide with NCR

Making the move to the kind of integrated technology needed to create a seamless customer ordering experience can feel daunting. Not every restaurant has IT and marketing experts who can build mobile apps and UIs and have them sync with their website, and it doesn’t make sense for every restaurant to staff up in these areas. And with NCR, you don’t have to.
NCR can help you deploy an industry-leading online and mobile ordering system sooner rather than later. As an extension to the proven NCR Aloha platform— the world’s #1 restaurant technology—you’ll get up and running quickly. And that’s true whether you want to customize a white-label app or integrate with third-party delivery marketplaces.

Future-proofing is built right in

Of course, once your system is in place, consumer expectations and industry standard technologies will continue to evolve. As that happens, the NCR Aloha technology ecosystem will adapt, grow and scale to help you stay competitive. It’s the single platform you need to maintain a modern, digital experience for your guests, because progression is built in.

Confidently offer digital ordering with NCR Aloha

NCR helps small brands and global restaurant chains more easily expand their brand beyond their four walls, keeping pace with the preferences of today’s digital consumers. Benefits include:
  • Consistent menus in any channel—With menu sync, managing multiple menus and order entry points is easier. When you need to make a change, it’s accurately reflected everywhere, for a consistent customer experience and simpler operations and training.
  • A simple way to add delivery—NCR Aloha is integrated with several third-party delivery services to make managing off-premise orders easy. Orders flow into Aloha without having to change applications, giving you higher order accuracy plus all the benefits of thirdparty— without relying on unproven third-party systems.
  • Greater speed and security for payments—All payments are held at the store level, avoiding any need for processing in the cloud, adding speed, security and reliability in payment processing.
  • Even more customer convenience—With future day orders, your guests can place orders for the same day or a future day using any channel; the order will be held in queue until the specified time. This strengthens brand affinity by giving guests a convenient option they may not get elsewhere. It also queues orders by delivery schedule, regardless when and where they were placed.
  • Responsive design for better UX—When guests order via mobile, they’ll use a new responsive site design that adapts to the screen size of any device for a better experience.
  • Simplified dashboards for speedy decision making— See and understand your key metrics with a dashboard that displays instant insights on your recent digital orders, plus a search function to review past orders.
  • Contactless dine-in— Offer a contactless experience anywhere in your restaurant. And give your guests the confidence to dine in…and keep coming back.

Keep pace with today’s digital diners and increase your off-premise sales with NCR Digital Ordering

Why NCR?

NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) is a leading software and services-led enterprise provider in the financial, retail, hospitality, small business and telecom and technology industries. We run key aspects of our clients’ business so they can focus on what they do best. NCR is headquartered in Atlanta, GA with 34,000 employees and solutions in 141 countries. NCR is a trademark of NCR Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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