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NCR Mobile Pay provides a true contactless payment experience while increasing efficiency

Right now, consumers are sensitive to close interactions.
Help your guests (and employees) feel safer and encourage proper distancing with NCR Mobile Pay. It provides a true contactless experience that keeps your guests in control of the entire payment experience.
Provides a contactless payment experience
Customers pay and tip using their smartphone—so they never hand their payment card to a server and never have to touch a payment device.
Increases speed of service
Enabling your guests to pay on-demand helps your staff turn tables faster during peak hours of operation
Increases guest satisfaction and trust
Guests appreciate the ability to safely control the payment experience by only needing to interact with their smartphone.
Improves tip percentages
NCR Mobile Pay allows you to preset tip percentages so it’s easier for customers to select a higher tip percentage.
Reduces potential credit card fraud
You’ll gain added security with CVV verification and Address Verification Service (AVS) when you combine NCR Mobile Pay with NCR Payment Solutions.

NCR Mobile Pay features

No hardware needed
NCR Mobile Pay is compatible with any smartphone device, making it easy for your customers to use regardless of their mobile preference.
No app development required
With NCR Mobile Pay, there’s no app to download – guests simply scan a QR code that takes them to a mobile website, increasing speed and usage.
Email receipts
Your customers can enter their email address to automatically receive a digital receipt by email once the check has been processed and paid.
Branded UI
Easily add your logo to make the NCR Mobile Pay portal align with your brand.

New NCR Mobile Pay Devices

Equinox Luxe 8500i & Luxe-6200m


  • Apple Pay
  • Android Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • Google Wallet

EMV Card Reader

  • EMV Level 1 & 2
  • 3V & 5V Cards

Multi-Media Touchscreen

  • 2.4" Multimedia Touchscreen
  • Signature Capture
  • Corning Gorilla Glass 3

Advanced Security

  • EMV Level 1 & 2
  • Multiple P2PE Options

Magnetic Stripe

  • Bi-Directional
  • Encrypting
  • Tracks 1, 2 & 3

Smart Architecture

  • Linux/HTML5/JavaScript
  • Remote Terminal Management


Accept EMV Chip Card Payments On The Go

SwipeSimple is a mobile point-of-sale solution that enables merchants to quickly and securely accept credit card payments from any smartphone or tablet
A fast and effective payment terminal in your pocket
Our mobile app and credit card readers form a full-featured and easy-to-use payment terminal, which you can carry in your pocket. Take your business with you, and makes sales anywhere.
Multi-merchant, multi-user
Each of your employees or locations can take payments under their own name. With this function, you can see how each sales rep at any merchant location is doing.
Manage past transactions from one place
Easily perform voids and refunds for each transaction. You can also re-send copies of receipts to your customers.
Manage your inventory
Edit item details, including name, SKU, price, taxability, quantity. Add new items quickly, and sort your inventory for easy access.
Take payments seamlessly anywhere
  • Fast and easy checkout
  • Set up purchases in seconds, and take credit card and cash payments quickly. Your customers sign and tip on your mobile device, and can receive receipts through text or email.
Business insights on the go
View the full feed of transactions, across the business or for specific users. See transaction-level detail, including transaction IDs, amount, date, signatures, SKU and more.
Inventory tracking & management on mobile
  • Real-time updates
  • Get insight into your inventory wherever you are, with real-time updates on the status and quantity of each item
All your devices, interconnected
Any updates you make on one device can be synced across the rest and back to your web dashboard. Convenience at its finest.

SwipeSimple EMV Card Reader

Our rugged card readers read both EMV chip and magnetic stripe cards, and connect via the audio jack port on your iOS or Android device. (Also compatible with iPhone 7 Lightning adapter.)
Never miss a payment
Our rugged card readers are incredibly responsive, built for security, and work perfectly with your tablet or smartphone.
Rugged and reliable
Our card readers are sturdy, and their sizemakes it easy to fit your mobile payment terminal in your pocket. The reader fastens securely to your mobile phone’s audio jack.

Accept EMV chip cards, improving security and reducing your liability.

Our readers encrypt card information before it enters the mobile device, providing protection of sensitive data.
Our readers work on both iOS and Android devices, and support both tablets and smartphones.

SwipeSimple Merchant Dashboard

Back office at your fingertips

The SwipeSimple Merchant Dashboard provides reporting and analytics tools, inventory management, and customization to help you run an effective business.

Transaction Reporting

Understand your customers
Know what sells well (and not so much), at what times, dates, and locations. SwipeSimple’s powerful reporting tools let you organize and understand purchase data, to help you make better business decisions.
Get key insights at a glance
The visual dashboard presents summaries of your vitals at a glance. The most important information you need at your fingertips, synced for monitoring in real time.
Use your data however you like
Analyze data your own way. Seamlessly export transaction data in CSV format, for easy integration with your favorite accounting and analytics software.

Inventory Tracking & Management

Real-time updates
Get insight into your inventory wherever you are, with real-time updates on the status and quantity of each item.
Manage your inventory
Edit item details, including name, SKU, price, taxability, quantity. Add new items quickly and sort your inventory for easy access.
All your devices, interconnected
Any updates you make on one device can be synced across the rest and back to your web dashboard. Convenience at its finest.

Centralized Management & Onboarding

Multiple user accounts for your staff
Easily create multiple log-ins for your staff and locations, with SwipeSimple’s fast onboarding process.
Customize your transaction settings
Toggle and edit taxes, tips, offline mode, and signatures for all your terminals.
Create and send custom receipts
Create customized receipts with your own brand messaging, and send them to your customers through email and text.

VX680 Features:

  • Delivers wireless connection through GPRS or Wi-Fi/Bluetooth combo or 3G to meet any environment requirement
  • Empowers mobile payments with Verifone's NFC software technology, enabling the full flexibility to manage multiple NFC mobile wallets
  • Supports loyalty-building, profit-producing and value-added applications
  • Offers maximum security and compliance with end-to-end encryption
  • Internal PIN pad streamlimes debit transactions
  • PCI PED 2.0 and PCI PTS 3.0 approved

iWL Series Features:

  • The iWL Series meets the highest security requirements and is PCIPTS x and 3.x certified with SRED & open protocol modules.
  • Offering EMV Chip and PIN, MagStripe and Contactless, the iWL Series also enables new NFC couponing and wallet use cases.
  • Extended battery life, pocket-size form factor, light weight design, perfect display readability, wide backlit keypad and robust casing make the iWLSeries ideal for all mobility use cases.
  • With its 30 lines per second, the iWL Series printer is the fastest on the market. Reducing printing time improves on-the-spot efficiency.
  • Powered by Ingencio, Telium 2 technology is the result of 30 years' experience in the payment industry. Secure, highly integrated and fast, Telium 2 is the world's best platform to provide payment services and a library of over 2000 applications. Telium 2 is a fully scalable, reliable operating system embedded into the 20 million terminals deployed worldwide.

PAX S90 Features:

  • PCI PTS 3
  • .X approved
  • High speed ARM 11 processor
  • Large memory capacity
  • EMV, Magstrip and Contactless / NFC
  • Optional 1D barcode scanner
  • USB connectivity
  • Large capacity battery
  • GPRS, CDMA, 3G

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