Integrated Payment Solutions

We integrate with nine different partners to get the right solution you need for your business.

Virtual Point of Sale

Skipjack PartnerVPOS is an Internet-based, real time credit card payment application that enables merchants to process and manage phone-in transactions quickly and easily. VPOS lets merchants do away with costly hardware-based POS terminals. With VPOS, any operator with an Internet connection can have access to the most powerful, flexible and cost-effective payment application available—with no software to install.

VPOS is perfect for call centers or any business that processes payments made by phone, fax or email.


VPOS is more than just a payment processing application. It is a complete, web-accessible credit card transaction management system. VPOS lets merchants:
  • Issue credits (partial, full and “blind”)
  • Re-authorize an existing transaction for a new amount
  • Re-bill an older transaction for a new amount without the need for the customer’s credit card number
  • Delete a transaction
  • Make a transaction recurring (using one of nine different schedules)
  • Capture a wide variety of customer data that can be downloaded for data mining purposes
  • Send customized email receipts to customer and/or merchant
  • Apply fraud screening rules to each transaction
  • Generate a wide range of standard and custom reports
  • Settle funds automatically or manually


VPOS allows merchants to process all major credit cards quickly and easily in real time while their customer is on the phone. This means that merchants can:
  • Dramatically improve customer service
  • Eliminate customer call-backs due to declined cards
  • Reduce payments processing costs
  • Reduce incidences of fraud
  • Access transactional information to help run their business
  • Increase the speed of payment processing

Similar to SkipJack, is a Virtual Point of Sale (VPOS). Using a fully encrypted card swipe reader, our free, browser-based Virtual Point of Sale turns any Internet-connected computer into a point-of-sale (POS) terminal.

Online Account

  • Manage and review transactions, configure account settings, view account statements, download reports, and more through a password-protected website: the Merchant Interface.
  • Sync for Quickbooks™ automatically imports your settled Authorize.Net transactions directly into your existing QuickBooks account.
  • Set up multiple user accounts with permissions to control account access.

Online Account

  • All major credit cards: Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, Diner’s Club, JCB
  • Signature Debit Cards

Authorize.Net Compliance

With Authorize.Net, your customers can be confident their data is secure. Learn more about our compliance with industry protocols such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

What is NPC Secure?

NPC Secure is an Internet-based, real time credit card payment application that enables merchants to process and manage Retail, MO/TO and e-Commerce transactions quickly and easily. NPC Secure lets merchants do away with costly hardware-based POS terminals. With NPC Secure, any operator with an Internet connection can have access to the most powerful, flexible and cost-effective payment application available – with no software to install.

The RIGHT Payment Solution

The right payment solution can provide your business with a competitive edge. Increased customer satisfaction. More efficient payment processes. Increased productivity.

NPC Secure provides merchants with a wide variety of solutions to meet the needs of businesses in dozens of industries. Many pre-built applications exist for various payment scenarios, from simple to complex. For merchants with requirements that cannot be met with our existing solutions, NPC Secure’s Professional Services department can rapidly and cost-effectively build a payment solution to your specifications.

Contact us to find out how NPC Secure can dramatically improve the way that you process payments.

Apriva’s Technology Advantages: Speed. Security. Reliability. Efficiency. Connectivity.

Apriva’s wireless point of sale products and its mobile communications systems all rest on the secure foundations of AprivaTalk, a patented technology. AprivaTalk sends data across disparate networks and systems securely, reliably and seamlessly. Apriva customer support enables installation and optimization of end to end systems that empower government agencies and businesses of all sizes.
  • Securely Sends Data Across Disparate Networks and Systems
  • US Intelligence Community Tested and DoD Certified
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) Standards Certified
  • Four Times Faster Than SSL Security Protocol


  • Apriva POS
  • Apriva Vend
  • AprivaPay & AprivaPay Plus
  • AprivaLife
  • Apriva Online Terminal
  • Apriva Gateway Intergration

Apriva Cares

  • 24/7 Service
  • Expert Customer Care Team
  • Results-Driven Culture

Why Network Merchants?

Payment Professionals choose NMI based on INNOVATION & TRUST. Innovation is the act of introducing something new. It requires creativity, which by its very nature takes courage. Trust is a relationship of reliance. It’s the most important aspect of any business association, friendship, or marriage.

What should the top agents in the industry expect from a third party service provider? The answer’s simple – you should receive the highest customer service and the most reliable, secure, and innovative products, all from a company you can trust.

Together – Building a Better Payment Gateway

At NMI we believe innovation and trust is the heart of building solid, long-term, and non-competitive relationships. It drives our organization to create an environment where we produce amazing solutions to tough challenges.

Welcome to NMI – You’re invited to join us to work together to build a better payment gateway – One Partner at a Time.Inc, (NMI).


ComsGate® is the most feature-rich IP and wireless payment gateway in the market today. With dedicated, redundant connections into all the major payment processors and wireless networks, you can be confident that ComsGate® will route your credit, debit, gift, loyalty and pre-paid transactions to wherever you need them, in a matter of seconds!

Our state-of-the-art, PCI compliant Data Center has an uptime rate of 99.99%, and with over $1 billion worth of transactions processed, our customers know they can depend on CHARGE Anywhere!

ComsGate® also provides the features our Sales Partners and Merchants expect, including Ap Dupe Protection and Store & Forward.

For a complete list of features, view our Functionality Matrix. Our Merchants and Sales Partners also have access to ComsGate® Transaction Manager, a secure, web-based reporting and payment processing system that provides real time access to credit card and check transactions.

Our Gateway is designed to help you grow and retain your customer portfolio by offering you a complete suite of products.

Our newest product, MyBridgePay, includes our redesigned virtual terminal, partner boarding tool, and real-time reporting suite. Additionally, the BridgePay Gateway has solutions for P2PE (Point to Point Encryption), multi-use tokenization, signature capture, check image storage, recurring payments, and more! BridgePay is a PCI Certified Level 1 Service Provider and our Partners always have access to our 24/7/365 Gateway Support team. Simply put, BridgePay offers our Partners the latest in payments technology.

Complete Solutions for our Partners include:

  • Secure Payment Processing (Encryption and Tokenization)
  • Variety of APIs for easy direct integration, see our Developer Center
  • Indirect integration via PayLINK thin client application and 3rd Party Tools, see our Developer Center
  • MyBridgePay Virtual Terminal, Boarding Tool and Real-Time Reporting
  • Integrated Mobile Payment Application
  • Gateway Emulator Products
  • 24/7/365 U.S. Based Gateway Technical Support
  • Customizable and Branded Solutions

At PayPal, we put people at the center of everything we do.

Founded in 1998, we continue to be at the forefront of the digital payments revolution, processing almost 10 million payments for our customers per day.

PayPal gives people better ways to connect to their money and to each other, helping them send money without sharing financial information and with the flexibility to pay using their PayPal account balances, bank accounts, PayPal Credit and credit cards. With our 157 million active digital wallets, we have created an open and secure payments ecosystem people and businesses choose to securely transact with each other online, in stores and on mobile devices.

PayPal is a truly global payments platform that is available to people in 203 markets, allowing customers to get paid in more than 100 currencies, withdraw funds to their bank accounts in 57 currencies and hold balances in their PayPal accounts in 26 currencies.

PayPal is an eBay Inc. (Nasdaq: EBAY) company. In September 2014, eBay Inc. announced the planned separation of eBay and PayPal into independent publicly traded companies in 2015. More information about PayPal can be found at and More information about the planned separation of eBay and PayPal can be found at

The eProcessing Network Payment Gateway is your secure connection between your Web site and the merchant bank processing networks.

ePN offers two simple solutions for merchants who desire to attract online customers, but don’t have the time or technical resources to build their own eCommerce solution.

ePNCart – Turn any Website Into an Online Storefront!

eProcessing Network offers ePNCart, an easy-to-implement, customizable shopping cart solution for merchants interested in having an online storefront. ePN is integrated into all major, third-party shopping carts, and since there is no software installation needed, merchants can start accepting payments with just a “flick of the switch.” Combined with our Secure Real-Time Credit Card Transaction Processing Service, online merchants can benefit from the unlimited, income-generating opportunities that are available with the explosion of eCommerce.

  • A simple, intuitive user interface means that merchants don’t need to have special programming skills to implement the shopping cart.
  • The customization of the ordering pages enables merchants to seamlessly blend the look and feel with their existing web pages.
  • SSL Encryption gives merchants peace of mind knowing they can process transactions securely.
  • Multiple Payment Options allow merchants to attract more customers.
  • Administrative tools and reporting features provide merchants with easier management of their online stores.
  • ePNCart is easy to integrate with other ePN solutions, such as ePNShip, our powerful, live shipping calculator.
  • ePNCart Order Form Generator – Create Web Pages in Minutes!

eProcessing Network’s Order Form Generator

eProcessing Network’s Order Form Generator solution is perfect for the merchant who wants to establish on online presence, but finds that the functionality and cost of implementing traditional shopping carts is too much for their needs.

The Order Form Generator is an easy-to-use, HTML code generator that is used to design all types of web-based payment solutions. Besides generating pages that sell the merchant’s product, the simple, template-driven design engine can create pages to support additional functionality like:

  • The lower cost of the Order Form Generator, compared to shopping cart solutions — lets the merchant integrate an eCommerce solution in a cost-effective manner.
  • The HTML Code Generator is easy to modify and allows the merchant to create and update web content quickly and efficiently.
  • A customizable user-interface enables the merchant to design as many individual pages as needed.
  • The Order Form Generator is easy to integrate with other ePN solutions, such as ePNPlugin for QuickBooks, our real-time, financial reporting software.
  • Online Bill Payment
  • Donation Solicitations
  • Membership Renewals
  • Fund Raising Events
  • Recurring, Installment Billings

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