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How to Create Discount Codes

CounterPoint SQL allows authorized users to enter Point of Sale document and line-item discounts in Point of Sale. User-entered document and line-item discounts are indicated on receipts, included on all relevant reports, and reflected in the corresponding accounting distributions for discounted tickets and items.

Defining Discount Codes


Discount Code

Enter a Code to define this discount


A brief description of the discount code

Discount Type


Select this option to define a discount code for a fixed amount (i.e., the discount amount cannot be changed).

Prompted amount

Select this option to define a discount code for which the user can specify the amount.


Select this option to define a discount code for a fixed percentage.

Prompted percent

Select this option to define a discount code for which the user can specify the percentage.


The $ Amount or percent that relates to the Discount Type selected

Apply to


The discount applies to all lines on the document

Line Item

The discount applies to only selected line

Min Qualifying Amt

Enter the minimum amount of purchase to make the item or document eligible for the discount

Valid For

Select whether the discount code is valid for In-store tickets and other Point of Sale documents, imported Online orders, or Both.

Items that are ineligible for discounts do not contribute to the Min. qualifying amt. for a document discount and you cannot apply line-item discounts to non-discountable items.

You cannot apply more than one line discount to an individual line or more than one document discount to an entire ticket. However, an item can receive an item discount and ticket discount.

Line-item discounts are always applied first, followed by document discounts.

When you print a receipt for a ticket that includes discounts, each line-item discount appears directly below the corresponding line and the applicable ticket discount appears after all lines, above the Subtotal amount. In addition, a discount summary appears at the bottom of the receipt to indicate the total amount of all discounts on the ticket (i.e., “You saved $14.50”)

Making items ineligible for discounts


2. On the main tab, uncheck the Discountable box on any item to make it non-discountable

Create Touch code buttons for discounts


2. Enter or Lookup TOUCHSCREEN CODE

3. Select the BUTTON EDITOR

4. Select where you want the button to appear

5. ACTION: Choose Enter Line discount or Enter Document discount

6. IMAGE: Select a picture (optional)

7. CAPTION: Type the text you want to appear on the button

8. COLOR: Select the Color for the button

9. FONT: Change the color or size of the font

10. Create buttons for specific or selectable line and document discounts

11. It is advised to also create a Clear Discounts button

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