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Aloha POS Hotel Service

Providing you a uniform POS-to-PMS interface that can be used by anyone in the hospitality industry.

The Aloha PMS Interface supports the American Hotel & Motel Association’s Hospitality Industry Technology Integration Standards (HITIS).

With Aloha, your POS and PMS systems are linked together seamlessly, providing the necessary interface to keep your business running smoothly. Aloha PMS Interface provides the Aloha POS system with a PMS link unsurpassed in today’s market allowing you to have a single comprehensive system. Transactions are posted to the property management system, and daily charge reports are created, allowing hotel accounting personnel to track all transactions.

Speed Up Service

Control speed of service without rushing guests and drop critical minutes off of total check time. Better control time of preparation and delivery.

Advanced Guest Management

Host efficiently with the use of pagers, text paging and improved seat utilization. Get access to real-time analytics to manage employee performance and customer satisfaction.

Satisfy Customers

Use display modifiers to increase customer satisfaction by ensuring that dishes are created as requested. Keep your customers happy with fresh food served at the speed they expect.
  • Guest room validation status
  • Accurate guest room charging
  • Verification of room assignments
  • Auto posting in real time
  • Complete audit trail
  • Full PMS revenue allocation
  • Clear graphics for easy table transfers
  • Powerful reporting capabilities
  • Guest status inquiry from Front or Back-of-House
  • Adjustment and deletion of charges to guest bills
  • Direct billing to individual or company addresses
  • Application of discounts and comps
  • Flexible guests-per-room count to aid in billing
  • Simple user-configurable parameters for interfacing
  • Ability to post charges from Front and Back-of-House to PMS
  • Customized printing of guest checks


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