Clover Mini
Accept swipe, EMV Chip, and NFC payments (like Apple Pay) right out of the box.

Clover Mobile
The portable, powerful POS that fits in the palm of your hand.

Clover Station
Our most powerful countertop POS with pivoting touchscreen and stunning looks.

Clover Go
Your go-to, smartphone-ready system for secure credit card swipes, dips and contactless payments.

Maximize your relationship with your best customers.

Sell More

Being in business doesn’t mean breaking even. You’ve got bills to pay, people to serve and room to grow. Clover gives you the tools to pump up sales with both new customers and your biggest fans.

Your Online Store

Get online fast with a website fully integrated with your POS.

Your website provides a 24-hour showroom, both to shop and drive customer into your store. Clover Online gives you an easy way to maintain a professional presence across the web. Best of all, Clover Online automatically connects with your Clover point of sale so you have one source of sales – whether they’re online or in store – and you can be up and running with a complete solution quickly and effortlessly.

Fully Integrated

Clover Online comes fully integrated with your Clover POS. We’re talking your business info, inventory, insights… the works.

Safe & Secure

Clover delivers state-of-the-art security and encryption to protect customer data and every online transaction.

We’ve Got Your Back

If you need support during online setup or after you’re up and running, we have people—real humans—ready to lend a hand.

Love your Customers

How do you turn good customers into repeat ones?

Give them incentives they can’t resist with loyalty and rewards. New customers are great. But when they come back, you know you’re onto something. So how do you build on that success—and still have time to do everything else?

Turn to Clover. It’s loaded with features to maximize your relationship with your best customers and arms you with incentives like rewards programs, gift cards and feedback tools. All designed to help you ring up more sales.

With Clover, you can put your marketing on auto-pilot, sell anytime and anywhere by integrated Clover to your Ecommerce site and take payments and customers in one place.

Clover Rewards

How do you keep customers coming back for more? You reward them for their business. With Clover you can design a custom reward program that drives repeat purchases from your best customers and gets people talking.

Benefits for Business

Having an online presence is essential to any small brick-and-mortar business. Clover Online gives you all the digital tools you need to create and maintain a professional presence everywhere on the web, including on mobile.

Works across mobile devices

The responsive design of your online store means it works on tablets and mobile phones as well as computers. So however your customer likes to shop, you’ll be there.

Pay as they please

With flexible payment choices already built-in, you can provide a wide selection of payment options to your customers.

Clover Gift Cards

Gift cards are a win-win. They turn your customers into ambassadors and who can bring in new foot traffic in the door. Clover Gift Cards makes it easy to sell your very own branded plastic and digital gift cards, plus manage your card inventory.

POS Software Plans

Save time and run your business better with Clover

Clover is designed to grow with you. Whether you need a simple payment solution or a powerful POS, Clover has a software plan for you. Clover’s cloud based point of sale system keeps your data secure and lets you monitor your sales and manage your business from anywhere, on any device.

Payments Plus

It’s time to streamline your paper processes. Accept payments, send and store digital receipts, build your customer list for loyalty and marketing, and track your sales from anywhere. Compatible with: Clover Mini, Clover Mobile, Clover Flex.


  • Accept all forms of payment
  • Track cash
  • Capture electronic signatures
  • Send and store digital receipts (email & text)
  • Track sales & reports from any device
  • Set employee permissions & shifts
  • Receive customer feedback
  • Enable customer engagement marketing
  • 24/7 phone support
  • Clover App Market – limited selection

Register Lite

*Includes all features of Payments Plus

Manage your business from a single device, or from anywhere. Replace your cash register with a simple, integrated solution. With Register Lite you can track inventory, manage orders, set employee permissions, connect with your customers and take payments on a single device. Plug Clover Mini into a cash drawer and your counter is complete. Compatible with: Clover Mini, Clover Mobile, Clover Flex.

  • Basic inventory & order management – enter, categorize and track
  • Item level taxes
  • One-time complementary menu build
  • Connect a handheld barcode scanner
  • Clover App Market – limited selection


*Includes all features of Register Lite

Our full featured POS offers powerful inventory and order management tools to keep things simple as your business gets more complex. Clover is designed for speed whether you’re checking out a customer, modifying an order, or updating your menu, nothing is more than a few touches from complete. Add a kitchen printer, weight scale, and barcode reader to create the seamless experience you need. Compatible with: Clover Station, Clover Mini, Clover Mobile, Clover Flex.

  • Enhanced inventory & order management
  • Clover App Market – full access


  • Modify, combine, and exchange orders
  • Send order to kitchen printer or display (in any language)
  • Connect a weight scale

For Retail

  • Inventory – add variants and item level cost
  • Exchange items
  • Track item level profitability