ACH Debit

With single or scheduled recurring ACH check payments, you can go paperless and improve efficiency.

Your bank or credit union will receive a dedicated sales representative and a relationship manager to assist you in attracting new customers, retaining existing customers and working to increase your institution’s profitability. Our complete offering can include sales, customer service, terminal help-desk support, equipment deployment and training – allowing your team to focus on core banking products and service. Our programs are designed as zero risk, turnkey solutions that allow you to provide quality payment processing to your customers.

Program Options Include:

  • Single Debits: We can process a one-time debit from a customer’s checking account.
  • Recurring Debits: We can schedule payments of the same amount to occur on a regular basis, which process automatically.
  • B2B Debits: We can debit business checking accounts

In addition, we utilize a verification process to cross-check potential customers against a national negative database of bad check writers. This is possible for single and B2B debit processes. With our guaranteed funding programs, we can eliminate the risk of accepting bad checks. During any transaction, the check writer’s checking account and ID are verified against this database, and we will reimburse all NSF checks.


CrossCheck’s Auto Industry RDC Solution (also known as C.A.R.S.) is a powerful tool to help dealerships with fast, easy and efficient check processing. Complete with a future deposit function, COD for the parts and service department and desktop conversion to save time and money by skipping the bank, C.A.R.S. is a revolutionary tool for any car dealership. Online reporting allows for constant oversight, and authorized checks are automatically processed and deposited directly into the dealership’s account.

C.A.R.S. Offers:

  • Wider acceptance of checks, fewer administrative returns
  • Future Deposit program included
  • COD premium for Parts and Service
  • 24/7 transaction reporting via the Internet
  • Loaner equipment available free of charge
  • Eliminates claims submission and claims waiting time


A business of any size can safely and securely accept and process check over the phone with our Checks-By-Phone program.

Benefits of this program include the ability to eliminate check handling fees, gathering funds through ACH, free online reporting and guaranteed funds when processing through a Gateway.

A Checks-By-Phone Virtual Terminal will allow you to oversee the program in process, and with our addon verification program, a sophisticated fraud protection service will cross check consumers against a national negative database for outstanding returned checks. We also offer a recording service option (with both external and our own voice authorization recording service) for accountability and your records.

Electronic Check Processing

With Electronic Check Processing programs, you can both automate check authorizations and streamline deposits for your business. This helps to eliminate trips to the bank, which can save you both time and money. All authorized checks are electronically processed, and after upload, funds are deposited into the merchant’s account. Remove Deposit Capture, back-office conversion, check processing, auto industry specific program, recovery service and guarantee features are all available.

Benefits include:

  • Less time spent on banking and preparing deposits
  • Fast and easy set-up and processing using a PC and check imager
  • 24/7 Customer Service for account questions, technical support, set-up and training at no additional charge
  • Both Guarantee and Verification programs available
  • Elimination of claim submittal and wait time for reimbursement

Check 21+

With our Check 21+ program, you can accept and process any kind of check with limited restrictions. This program is sometimes referred to as “Remote Deposit Capture” because an image of the check is captured and used in place of the original document, which offers faster funding on a wider variety of checks with fewer restrictions than ACH. Benefits include the ability to accept all types of checks at the Point of Sale or via mail or dropbox. Funding is guaranteed to be available, and our fast electronic deposit system will get you the funds within 3 business days. There are no ACH restrictions, and we offer detailed and free online reporting for all activity.

Premium Check Services

Our Premium Check Services will allow you to spend more time focusing on your business than on payroll, payments and authentication. From business office conversions to premium approval, and from stop payment options and multiple check strategies, we can help you find the perfect premium check offering for your business.

Multiple Check Premium

With our Multiple Check feature, you can allow customers to write between two and four checks for a single purchases. Each check is deposited over a period of time (up to 30 days), and are guaranteed up to the total maximum approval amount. Some merchants refer to this feature as a “Hold Check.”

Stop Payment Premium

If you need protection against Stop Payment returns, you need our Stop Payment Premium Plan. We’ve found that stop payment checks are usually the most difficult to collect on, so get the coverage you need with this premium in place.

COD Premium

Our COD Premium plan is perfect for businesses who collect payment via phone orders or deliveries. This program allows you to authorize the check before you even send out the order, and payment is already guaranteed. Enjoy the protection of guaranteed payment, and give your customers the convenient of option of paying by check.

Premium Approval

If you can’t afford to turn down any check sale, our Premium Approval program is perfect for your business. We can guarantee fifty percent fewer declines than your previous service provider, or we’ll pay the $200 set-up fee for you to return to your previous provider.

Business Office Conversion

We’ve enhanced our Check Conversion Plus service to enable conversion of checks mailed in for payment in addition to those received at the point of sale.