Aloha POS Training

So much of your restaurants success relies on the blending of your staff and the infrastructure you have them work within. Let i3 Point of Sale train your team on how to best use the Aloha POS system.

I3 Point of Sales accelerates the learning process for your employees with our proven training techniques, reducing the time and money required to get a new employee from trainee to a highly productive team member. Servers, Cashiers, Hosts, Managers, etc. we have training modules to address the needs for your whole staff.

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Core Level 1:

The Core Level 1 class is designed to quickly build basic competencies in daily operations for restaurant managers. In the Core Level 1 class you will learn how to navigate the Aloha Manager system and fully exploit features in the program to increase your efficiency with the system. You will learn how to manage your personnel records, create menu items, customize your terminal buttons, manage pricing, and run the most essential reports. Whether you are brand-new to Aloha Manager or have many years of experience Core Level 1 is an awesome class and will greatly benefit your future with the Aloha Manager system.

Core Level 2:

Core Level 2 is the advanced programing class. This class will build on the programing skill you developed in Core Level 1 to increase the speed with which you can program new menu items and maintain your systems data. This is a fast-paced class not intended for basic users of the Aloha Manager System. In Core Level 2 you will learn how to run and manage database filters, use grid-view in the items database, explore different pricing options in Aloha Manager, and create specialty comps and promotions.

Core Level 3:

Core Level 3 is designed to walk you through the basic labor management aspects of Aloha Manager. In this class you will learn how to create employee schedules, enforce the punctuality of your hourly staff, edit punches, collect punch acknowledgements, create break rules, work with messaging and more. Core Level 3 is a shorter class, but it is jampacked with useful information that makes managing your restaurants labor a breeze.