Purchasing a point of sale (POS) system is an important investment that will have a direct and measurable impact on how efficiently your business operates. Each business owner or manager must decide which items to prioritize in order to run their operations smoothly, but with so many features to choose from, this can be a time consuming and overwhelming task.

A well-matched POS system will give you more time to focus on running the more important aspects of your business, like making sales!

We hope this guide will provide you meaningful steps in selecting the right POS system for your unique business goals and needs.

What to Look For in a POS System

Some of the more important attributes to consider are flexibility, ease of use, system insights, and customer service quality. However, with each business comes unique needs. When deciding which factors to prioritize (as they are all most likely important), consider the following:

  • Ease of use:
    • Some systems are easier to use than others.
    • An intuitive system should increase productivity and speed up turnover time. Meaning: make more sales!
  • Flexibility:
    • If you choose to expand, ensure your POS will have the functionality to grow with you.
    • Find a POS system that is able to streamline your business processes, according to your specific needs.
    • Ensure that your POS system will integrate with your menu.
      • Some things to consider:
        • Will it accept online orders or reservations if that is something of interest to you?
        • Will your new system integrate with what is currently in place? Can you switch systems without having to close?
  • Types:
    • Legacy
      • Also known as “on-premise” or “traditional”
      • Stores data on local servers and runs on a closed internal network.
      • Examples: family photos on your desktop.
      • Gives you peace of mind with constant access to your data and programs, regardless of if you have an internet connection or not.
    • Cloud-based
      • Also known as “Software-as-a-Service” or web-based
      • Web-hosted solutions that store data on remote servers and make information accessible online
      • Examples: Facebook, Gmail, Dropbox
      • Always available with an Internet connection
  • What insights does the system provide?
    • An important insight to receive is the daily sales report (or the end-of-day report). With this report, you can determine your cash and card totals for the day.
    • Another report to look for is the no-sale report. This allows you to determine who opened the cash register and when.
  • How important is customer support?
    • Your restaurant is likely open outside of the standard Monday through Friday, 9-5 hours. What happens if you need assistance late-night or on the weekends?
    • Look for a system that can provide service to you when you need it most and one that has a known track record of having very few issues.

What Makes Aloha Different?

Aloha has the highest market share in the industry and can be tailored to your business’s specific needs.

  • If you have staff with prior restaurant experience, they are likely already familiar with Aloha! For new staff, Aloha’s intuitive, graphical interface is easy to understand and master. Aloha’s ease-of-use significantly reduces training time.
  • Aloha POS gives you full control and flexibility. Aloha is both an on-premise and cloud based system. Aloha’s cloud-based components allow you to access to your system online at anytime.
  • Aloha POS provides all kinds of reports for you, including both Front of House and Back of House. Track labor costs, server sales, service speed and more!
  • SDCR provides 24/7 customer service for your Aloha POS. Call us at anytime to talk with a member of our San Diego-based support team. We’ll help you quickly identify the difficulty, determine the best way to solve it, and provide documentation of the solution. Additionally, we’ll match our language and discussion level to yours: no more complicated, jargon-filled, misunderstood conversations!

Think you’re in need of a new POS system? Talk to SDCR about Aloha POS!